How do I install an older system version?

I updated to the latest version recently, and now I’m having lots of problems with devices that will not shut off.

I first noticed it a few days ago when a sleep timer rule I set up started acting up. A few seconds after it turns off my tv and cable box, it turns them back on again. I thought it was a change I had made but now one of my lights hat is set up to shut off at night turns back on right afterwards too. I had to disable the rule.

You can use the "Restore Previous Version" option in the Diagnostic Tool to restore any of the previous three hub platform versions you've installed. That page explains how to get there, but basically it's accessible at port 8081 from your hub (e.g., http://YourHubIP:8081), or a quick link to this on the the hub's regular Settings > Back Up and Restore page was recently added.

That being said, it's also possible that there's a problem with your rule that just happened to coincide with the time you updated. If this either doesn't help or you're interested in figuring that out regardless, feel free to post more about that!


Are you using modes, presence, time of day, or what to determine "night"?

The sleep timer rule is complicated so I thought it was something I had done at first.

The light is just a rule that turns off the light at a specific time at night. One trigger, one action. So I don’t see how there could be anything wrong with that one.

Yes, but none of these actions use modes.

That is what I was asking. You said "night" and didn't specify what this rule used.

Maybe post a screenshot of this or another rule that is affected?

Well, I successfully reset it to 2.2.3, and the light is staying off when I turn it off now, but my sleep timer is really going wonky. I have a tile on my dashboard to show the variable shutdown time, now when it gets set, it flashes multiple times between different values, but the log only shows it getting set once.

I’m going to have to look at this later. If I can’t figure it out, I’ll repost here with more detail.

So, here is my rule. I'm fairly new to Habitat, and this is my first complicated rule. Clicking button 1 adds 10 minutes (2 minutes in this image to allow testing) to the sleep timer; if it wasn't already running (SleepActivated variable), it initializes the variables in line 13-17, then increments the time on line 18. Line 19 logs the current value of the set time. Clicking button 2 cancels the timer and resets the variables.

It worked fine for a few days, but then it stopped working properly a couple days ago. It would turn off the TV and Cable box, but then turn it back on. I have a dashboard tile to monitor the variables, and when it initializes, the SleepTime toggles back and forth between the current time and the incremented time (lines 16 & 18) maybe about a dozen times visibly. But the log only shows it setting the variable once (line 19). The 'Exit Rule' in the last line was just added as a test and wasn't in the original rule.

This is the rule which turns off the table lamp.

Edit: I just realized, I may have shut the lamp off manually while this rule was running. If the rule is running, and you change the level, does it continue fading based on it's current level, or the level that was set when the rule started running?

I think you are trying to do too much with one rule. Simpler and more broken up rules are going to be much easier to diagnose. I would think about this and see if there is a way to split this up. Maybe at a minimum, split off the cable box part of this with the energy monitoring.

Energy monitoring can be tricky, you might want to look at where you have the plug set at for levels. You don't want to have watts, time based, and percentage based set in the plugs settings, you get a power report for each of these settings, and it at best gives inconsistent results, and at worst slows the hub down by slamming it with power reports.

I like using Private Boolean to "clean up" and decide if power is on or off, I use a separate rule to do that and incorporate the True or False of that separate PB rule in someplace like where you have the 10W power in this rule.

I think I remember some weirdness when I had a similar rule. I did solve it using Rule Machine somehow (can't remember now) but it was much easier to use an app to do that.

I used Wake Me Up. It does fade down as well as fade up. You can pick days, times, dim levels, and so on. Much easier than Rule Machine. It is available in Hubitat Package Manager if you have that installed.

Thanks, I’ll check that out. I do have the package manager installed.

I think I may have figured out what was causing my problem. I created connectors for the 2 local variables I am using (SleepActivated and SleepTimer) so that I could monitor them on my dashboard. I turned on all logging options for the rule, and found that the connectors were changing the time that was set. A lot. Like five or more times a second. I removed the two connectors, and it looks like my rule is working properly again.

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