How do I get Hubitat to CALL ME when HSM detects intrusion?

Anyone know a free way to do this over the internet? Right now I have push notifications setup, but sometimes I am not quick enough to notice one on my iPhone for an intrusion alert. I need something more attention grabbing, such as a phone call or an alert that makes a much longer sound / vibration until it is stopped.

Pushover isn’t free but it’s only 5 bucks (one-time fee) and would allow you to configure a “critical” push notification on your iPhone sent by the hub.

That can be pretty intrusive if you need it to be.


I forgot all about pushover! Thank you very much - this solves the problem.

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FYI, I think you have to use @ogiewon's Slightly enhanced pushover driver for some of the advanced features. If I remember right, high priority messages don't work on the built in driver. That may have been fixed but I have been using the one I linked to and I know it works.

With that driver you can set up alerts that will override DND settings and play no matter what, on IOS anyway..


Initially, that was true. But the built-in driver subsequently added most features available in @ogiewon’s custom driver, including configurable priorities for notifications.


This thread would indicate the slightly enhanced driver still may be the the best choice. Especially since he wants a longer sound.

Pushover is great and something I mostly use. If you want a voice call my community Twilio driver, which the inbuilt is based on, can call you as well. There is a monthly fee to use Twilio.

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