How do I get help with an account issue?

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OK not impressed with my user experience so far. Hoping @hubby can help me or @support staff can help me.

This is not the username I wanted to use for hubitat. that username didn't get any sort of verification email, so my ability to login and get support about not getting the f***king verification email forced me to set up yet another userid for this support request.

Kindly note, when a new user tries to log in without being verified, wouldn't it be a good idea to add a way to request another verification email? then you wouldn't have to deal with irate customers such as myself. Would also be a good idea that if someone tries to reach, about not receiving the verification email, to not direct them to your support 'solution' that requires verified user access. I'm sure that's great for you folks, but real sh**ty for me.

Something else to consider - as an unverified user, there is no way to actually ask questions or interact in any way under 'Hubitat Support'. Maybe you should rename it to - 'Hubitat Information' since its read-only and does not provide any way to ask questions. Again, great for you guys, frustrating for me.

I'm going to wait for a response to this to give you the actual email address that requires a verification email. Then maybe I can get started with your community.

Hey, look at that! You remembered my name, I am flattered :blush:

Since you’ve tagged me, let me tell you how I can help.

You can start a useful tutorial by replying to me with @hubby start tutorial.

Or, you can learn more about other cool things I can assist you with, by just replying to me with: @hubby display help.

Since I can post privately or publicly, if you prefer to learn more about me, in private, you can always send me a private message (PM).

If you ever need my assistance, just tag me, and I'll post this message again.


If unverified users cannot ask questions or interact in any way under Hubitat Support, then how did you successfully start this thread?

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Had to create another account. This is not the account I started off with, and want to use the original account then cancel this one

Lol, this is the first time I've heard of @Hubby.
This thread kind of reminds me of when I yell at the phone when I get a voice response unit, lol.

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tagging @bobbyD who will no doubt be able to assist and calm you down a little....


Give the guy a break. Chatbots suck about 99.5% of the time.


It's a shame a new users experience with Hubitat can be like this. When I first got mine a few years ago it was a bad start with the hub not accepting UK postcodes and I struggled to get sorted before happening upon another user with a workaround. My first post was an irate rant...

A couple of years later and I love Hubitat, frequenting this forum daily for the excellent support from both the community and staff here. It gets better @user6828

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Make sure the verification email didn’t get trapped as spam by your email service. That has happened at least a few times.

You want to tag @support_team. @support doesn't do anything.

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You can also go to Warranty – Hubitat Support and choose account problems.

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The forum FAQ explains how to get permissions to post images. The simplest way would be to join the owners group.

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The beauty about chatbots is that they never get impatient when the user is getting frustrated.


Your wait is over. Please check your notifications in the upper right corner...

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If others have any problems with their account, the fastest way to get in touch with support, is by visiting Select "Account Issues," then pick the appropriate option. Fill out the form and hit Submit to create a case. Our support staff will follow up with you as soon as possible, during normal business hours.


Which, to be honest, can become even more frustrating for the user :crazy_face:

The number of times I have « yelled » at a useless chatbot :joy:


@hubby promises to do better next time.

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It may be good to pin a post along these lines to the Get Started and/or Getting Help categories. I took a quick glance at both - pragmatic info to be sure, but not something that would quickly address a new user that is one second away from going nuclear.


Good timing with that suggestion! I believe @bobbyD is actively looking into ways to make getting support for account issues easier.


Thanks for your feedback. It was not obvious what customers should do if they have an account issue. Looking to submit a warranty case because a verification code was not received is not all that intuitive.

We've added the Account Issues category on the Hopefully, this would help others who run into similar problems like @user6828 did.