How can I remove the email address of a previous owner?

Hi Guys,
Recently bought a (secondhand) C7, but there is a admin account via the sellers email linked to it. I would like to remove this, but of course I dont have access to this mail address.
In the topics there was some info regarding a hidden factory reset option, could somebody help me out?
BR Martijn

You will need to contact the seller and have to have them remove the hub from their account (the hub is locked by its UID) Once the seller does that you can register the hub.


Hi, thanks for your reply! It has been more than a year ago, so I doubt this will work. I have created an admin account, so it doesnt seem to be locked? How can I check if it is locked?

You can create an account, however the hub is locked to previous owner, and without his/her permission you will not be able to replace the admin account with your new account.


Thanks, I found the former owners' email address and already had a reply. Added user and changed it to admin, so problem solved. Thanks for the help!


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