How are folks solving for 'Entire Family Awake' scenarios

Just some background, I've got 2 younger kids and they have fans, nightlights, etc. that run while we sleep. Same with Master BR.

I have bed sensors for the Master, but curious what sort of conditions or rules folks are using to determine everyone is awake. Say for whole-home music, turning off night lights, etc.

I currently have a master rule that incorporates the bed sensors, and one of the kids' door sensors. But would need to purchase another door sensor for my daughter's room for that to work for everyone.
But I have motion in both rooms so I could do a simple condition that would look at time of day etc and motion to trigger that they're awake, but putting all this into one rule seems like it will be too complicated - so I could certainly just do a rule for each, then have virtual switches or something, etc...
again just curious what others are doing for an efficient approach and steal some ideas..


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For me I simply use door sensor closed and time. For instance. If 8:30pm-6am and light switch turns on, turn off light switch (this makes it so the door has to be open to turn on the light switch it auto turns off. Also it announced when the door opens.... For my older boy we simply have the lights go off when we turn off the house at night and they turn on from 20%-100% over a 10 min period at 6:45 for school days.

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If you are using LED night lights, they consume less than 1 watt of power. Thus, I would simply turn them on slightly slightly before or after dusk and turn them off around dawn. They are going to make very little impact upon your electric usage. I use night lights that have a built-in illumination sensor that turns the light on and off automatically depending upon ambient light. No connection to the Hubitat is required.

Fans do pull more much as 55 watts for ceiling fans depending upon fan size and speed. However, you could control them by individual room using an occupancy sensor.

I do not do whole house music, so I can't help with that one. I love quiet music when I am sleeping, but my wife can only sleep with white noise type sounds; even quiet music keeps her awake...bummer!

My granddaughter just started college, so we have been empty nesters for many years.

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I also rely heavily on door sensors. I'm continuing to play with various methods of detecting when people are in bed, but most of my awake/asleep automations are built around Contained Motion and Combined Presence. I haven't found a bed presence solution yet I'm entirely happy with.

I have a Contained Motion zone for the bedroom. The kids get special logic in Rule Machine, with a virtual motion sensor that indicates when both doors are closed and my son's bed sensor shows him in it. (There's also a notification sent to my phone if his door is closed and he's been out of bed more than 5 minutes. :smiling_imp:)

In the morning, all the fully-awake routines depend on doors opening. Each kid's door opening will stop their noise machine; our door opening will turn the house as a whole to daytime operation. All of them trigger on the door remaining open for ~45 seconds, since a quick transit doesn't necessarily mean we're trying to get up.

I do have a wake-up lights routine; the lamps in our room slowly build from 1% to 20% until our door opens, and then build from 20% to 75% over the next half hour. My daughter's lamp goes dim red at bedtime, then slowly brightens and turns yellow in the morning. We've reiterated that if it's red, she needs to stay in bed (and ask for help over the monitor if she needs something), but if it's yellow, she can get up whenever she's ready.

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Honestly even under the bed that would probably wake me up (bad enough I wake up when my wife gets out of bed, I'm sensitive to noise) the 20% nightlight works for me though...

This would probably help you too

Regarding bed presence, I picked up 2 of these and then cut the wires to the 'alarm' thing and wired them into the ecolink 2.5 door contact sensors. They take some serious testing around placement and such to get dialed in, but I've been super happy with them.

I have joked about getting 2 more for the kids but I suspect they don't weigh enough to make them work as I want (under the mattress, to avoid the crinkle noise - which would be a hard no for @rlithgow1 lol)

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@rlithgow1 The link you posted to the ThirdReality Multi Function is intriguing and tempting. I had looked at it when you posted it in another thread but hesitated because it has no reviews yet. If you have one of these:

  1. is there a Hubitat driver for it?
  2. is the device reliable? ie does it work well?
  3. do all three functions show up as separate devices in HE?
  4. can you also use it simultaneously as a notification device? ie if x is open light glows red, but if x is closed it works like a regular nightlight and glows warm white upon motion detection?
  5. How low does the lux sensor go?
  6. How long did it take to arrive?

I had been thinking of the similar HomeSeer Zwave device, but this ThirdReality one is better looking (but thicker) and costs less (due to HS shipping). It's also better looking than the Centralite one mentioned in some threads, which is no longer available (but had battery backup).

Seems Amazon has two versions of this.

  1. The item @rlithgow1 posted with 1-2 month shipping:

  2. A version the purports to support Thread - unclear if it is also Zigbee - anyone know?

It doesn't appear to be Zigbee, from what I can tell. BLE is the only thing I see besides Thread/Matter.

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Generic driver works fine

Works generally well. Haven't had any probs with it. I use this one for my basement stairs. My bathroom ones are centralites. (No longer made)

No one device with multiple attributes.

should be easy enough to set I would think,

Down to 0.

Like any other. You need to observe the lighting you want then note the lux level the unit is seeing.

I had mine in less than 10 days but that was a while back.


@rlithgow1 : Thank you!
I'm ordering one. Will see how it goes!


Third Reality MultiSensor arrived today! I'm going to start a new thread specifically for that device so as not to hijack this thread.

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For a better driver you should consider joining the beta

I think that might be over my ski tips. I'd have no clue if something went wrong due to something I did or other...

However, would greatly appreciate any guidance you can give at:

Join the beta, proper driver available.

Download the Hubitat app