ThirdReality Multi Sensor - Motion, Lux, RGBW LED

At the suggestion of @rlithgow1 in the thread linked below, I ordered the ThirdReality Zigbee Multi Sensor, which arrived today.

It paired just fine with the Hubitat, but apparently not with the correct driver, because there was no information in the device page [ETA: and it does nothing - I added a simple rule for a switch to go on upon motion = active, and nothing happens, and there is nothing in the logs for this device]
I have tried

  • Generic Component Motion Sensor
  • Generic Component Multi Sensor
  • Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor
  • Generic Zigbee Motion Sensor (no temp)
    None of the above drivers seem to even recognize the motion sensor, and certainly none give an option for Lux Sensor or RGBW lights.

So... @rlithgow1 ...

Which specific driver are you using?

The driver for this device will release in platform 2.3.6 which should release soon


Thank you; good to know.

In the meantime, is there a driver that will at least support the motion sensor portion?

Motion sensors typically need a configuration element that's only available when the device first joins, so the generic motion would work if the device fingerprint was included in that driver, which it isn't.
So you're going to have to wait, 2.3.6 should be out this week, probably within the next two days...


Got it. Thank you. Your response is much appreciated. I'll wait.

You can just join the beta and then switch to the driver as well

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