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@kewashi you are gonna hate me... still not working... :frowning: i'm sorry

I believe it broke after the "Visual cue for clicking on any tile for 3/4 of a second" change... Before that you had it nailed... :slight_smile:


Dude... you’re killing me! LOL just kidding. Well the visual cue code is just two lines of JavaScript so we can comment that out to see if it helps ...but I am not optimistic. I think something much more squirrelly is going on. Just wish I knew what.


I'm sorry brother... The app works great. This is more of my OCD than anything else... My naming convention in Hubitat is fairly long so I can group devices together. In HousePanel, these long names mess up the formatting on the tiles... Plus, I have multiple rooms to identify devices so I can shorten the names in each room. With the shortened names, I can align my tiles and make everything look uniform...

Its very weird that this came back. You had it solved after the first round of trying to get it working... I just keep thinking it must have been a new feature that has changed something... Maybe the work you did on the HSM?

One other thing I'm really struggling with that has nothing to do with your app, but maybe you can give me some advice on, is polling on the Hubitat side. In HousePanel, I routinely see devices listed in the wrong state. These are always switches and outlets. HSM is always working and my Zigbee devices like motion sensors are always correct.

My struggle is with all my z-wave devices. I have a lot of them... Every switch in my house is now a z-wave switch... This was all done over time and so a good majority of them are the older z-wave standard...

I'm trying to find the right balance of polling and refreshing on the Hubitat side to keep HousePanel as up to date as I can...

Can you give me some advice on that?


I had trouble with keeping my old Z Wave switches in sync in Hubitat too - they are all pre Zwave plus so polling is required. I fiddled with it and swapped out drivers a few times. It got better but never just right so I eventually gave up and put my old zwave switches back on SmartThings which handles them better. Zwave plus devices work perfectly so eventually I will just replace them.


Yeah, unfortunately, I made large investments in hardwired GE plugs and switches over a period of several years... (IRIS system) So I will probably at some point have to replace them, but for the time being, I guess I deal with polling...

Anyway, thanks for the advice... :smile:

I see from watching the forums here it might be advantageous to pick up a google hub for some the the features it offers...


Okay my friend @pdupper ... I know you won't believe this, but this time I really fixed the name clobbering issue. The problem was in hubpush which grabbed all updated states and pushed it to the javascript app. What I didn't realize is that included the native name of the thing so that was overwriting the custom user name which was set in the PHP routines. Anyway I removed name from the hubpush since nobody will be changing names from outside the app.

I also added support for portrait mode using the built-in CSS feature to detect portrait mode. I tested this on my desktop which triggers portrait mode when the screen is taller than wide. Unfortunately I couldn't test it on my actual panel because I use Fully Kiosk and it insists upon being in landscape mode. I do have an iPad so I will grab it later to test it on there.

For this update you will need to replace housepanel.php, housepanel.js, and tileeditor.css



I bought an Apple TV 4th gen just to get the HomeKit functionality when away. I find it to be really good and quite stable. As for Google Home I like it too but it seems to work just fine using my iPhone and the native app without the actual google hub/device. Not sure what having the device would give you if you already have Echo's laying around. Otherwise the voice assistant would be handy for sure.


Interesting... I have a Apple TV not really doing much but sitting in my office... I'll have to look into the HomeKit stuff... Anyway, you are my hero sir... Thanks for not giving up on my craziness. :crazy_face: As alway, looking forward to each and every enhancement you make on this platform... It really is very cool. :sunglasses:

PS the new fix works like a charm!!!


Update 2.053 with bug fixes and tweaks to Tile Editor posted today. Enjoy these two new features noted below:


Just bringing people up to speed on the latest that I have been documenting in the SmartThings forum only for simplicity sake. Anyway, version 2.060 has been posted. This version includes automatic display of Album Art for music tiles. It does this by parsing the title description and then invoking a Google search. The first square icon is returned and rendered. Works pretty well but probably isn't bullet proof. Here's a simple demo.



Cross posting latest from ST forum.


Good morning sir... Is there anyway to move the version info at the top? When switching to portrait on a tablet or phone, it covers room tabs and they cannot be selected... I'm including a pic from my phone... The three tabs on the right are not accessible as the version info covers them... Thanks again for such a great program!


You can just comment out the code in the housepanel.php file that does this. Let me hunt it down and get back with you


Comment out lines 5326 and 5327

$tc.= '<div id="showdocs"><a href="docs/index.html" target="_blank">?</a></div>';
$tc.= '<div class="showversion">' . HPVERSION .'</div>';

By add // at the start of each line

A better approach is to add styling in the tileeditor.css to hide these items.

div.showversion, #showdocs {
display: none;


Thank you!


Hi, just looking into this. It looks cool, but I have a question or two. First as to the quote above is there still a HousePanelHubitat.groovy file that needs to be renamed? I am not seeing that file in GitHub.

Also, do you know if the systems can be run off of a QNap virtual host or a CentOS VM?

Thank you,



There is now only one application groovy file in the package. Originally it was a different one for each Hubitat and SmartThings... Can't answer your CentOS question as I'm only moderately familiar with the various Linux versions... I set mine up on a Raspberry Pi and it works flawlessly...


I have no idea if it will work on these platforms. Any platform that supports a web server with PHP should work but it has only been tested on Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi. One other user got it working some time ago on Windows IIS and another guy got it working on his Tesla browser so it is likely to work but no promises. The relatively new hubpush feature requires a Node.js installation to work.

And thanks @pdupper for answering the groovy Q


Cross posting this update here. And tagging @cwwilson08 because I made the original multi tile API feature at your request.

[RELEASE] HousePanel Dashboard for SmartThings and Hubitat - Community Created SmartApps - SmartThings Community


Thanks for the heads up mr Ken.