HousePanel Dashboard App for Hubitat


Hi folks —- I am relaxing on vacation and spending time on HP as a user finding bugs ad fixing them. Today I found a bunch of bugs in the name of blank and image and mode tiles and in the handling of HSM and SHM. Will post an update later tonight to the groovy code.


I can't find anywhere to add the HSM tile so it does not appear on my web server as a an option to list... I've gone into the app multiple times on the Hubitat side to find where I could possibly enter it... I see references people make to virtual buttons... Do I need to create a virtual button for it to bring it over?


When you are in HP click the Options button. Then select HSM in the checkbox list. You should see it. If not you need to add it when you edit the app on the main Hubitat page.


HSM should be the second checkbox in the 4th column on the Options page. This screenshot doesn’t have it because I’m not at home on my intranet but it shows the checkbox you want to use


Literally every box is checked in that section including HSM/SHM... I don't even see it as a device to add in the HP app within Hubitat... That is my issue... How do I get the app to see it so I can add it to the list of devices? I'm pretty sure I can figure it out on the HP side... Its the Hubitat side that has me messed up... :slight_smile:

Edit: I was thinking about removing the app and adding it back, but will that break my client id/secret?


Yes that will reset your client numbers but it isn’t hard to re-authorize with a new set.

Make sure you have the latest HousePanelHubitat.groovy file. You could open it in the app code section to inspect the version. You should also see the code that enables the HSM functionality.


IF i remove the app and re-add it, will I lose all the work I have done customizing the layout on the HP? I have all my rooms setup with custom names on the devices...

I checked the groovy code and it appeared to be current.... I re-added the code in the app and saved it hoping it wouldn't mess anything up... Seemed to save fine and nothing appeared to get messed up... I also re-authorized the hub on the HP side...

I still cannot see HSM anywhere in the add devices section on the hub side but I do see it on the HousePanel side now and was able to add it to some rooms... It doens't have any functionality though... Is it only for monitoring or can it set the status of the HSM?

Could it have something to do with not seeing it as a device I can add on the hub side?


You are all set. The inaction you are experiencing is a bug that I just noticed as I mentioned a few posts ago. I have a fix and will upload it later today. This will only require replacing your groovy code and updating any js and php files on the server.


You are not supposed to see this. HP just adds HSM automatically.


No - all your settings are safely store in hmoptions.cfg file on your server. Make sure you keep this file. You might also make a backup copy.


Sweet! Thank you for walking me through... I will patiently await the update... One thing I noticed... I'm using the material skin and I can't login from IOS... Not a real big deal... I'll use a different skin. Just letting you know... It won't let you put in a username or password without disappearing... Works fine on Windows...

Again, thanks for all your hard work on this!


[RELEASE] HousePanel V2.030 with bugfix for HSM and SHM to enable them to change state upon clicking. This version also fixes a few styling issues with piston tiles and the modern skin. And as usual i found a few other minor bugs that I squashed in this version. With this version to upgrade you will need to replace the groovy file in the Hubitat main page. As usual you should update the housepanel.php and housepanel.js files and any other file that was updated. Be sure to keep your customtiles.css and hm*.cfg files so your config settings are retained.


The material skin isn't actively supported. A 3rd party user wrote it so I included it but it was written for a much older version of HP. i think the author did an amazing job on this skin and I like it a lot but I just don't have the time to update it to work fully with the latest version. The skin-modern skin is the supported equivalent that is designed to work with the latest version.


got it... :slight_smile:


Sharing a screen shot of my use of the modern skin plus the Tile Customizer. In this screen shot you see that I linked a piston into a motion tile and I added a Rule to my closet light tile. I also created a custom tile and linked two switches into this single tile. Mainly trying to show the flexibility of HP here. Enjoy.


Hopefully in the future, when you have time we can get a complete reliable install script that will include the new hubpush feature. i know its hard work , thank you for all you have done for the smarthome community.


The script was updated recently and should work much better. It does include the hubpush step but you do first need to install Node and NPM on your own.


hey when i go to update the groovy code in my app, i get this error..

The current scope already contains a variable of the name defkey @ line 1096, column 9

how do I make the changes stick?


Delete line 1089

Or grab version I just pushed.

Sorry about that


I knew I should have held posting that update on Hubitat until I got home to confirm it. Moving too fast.