House burglar alarm

Hi, a bit of a shot in the dark. I have a conventional house alarm. I was wondering if there is a ZigBee/z wave panel out there that can replace the numeric keypad beside my front door. I.e. The keypad would work like a traditional keypad but would also have the functionality to arm/disarm via Hubitat rules?

Look for @nate has a solution just for this.

And what happens if Hubitat locks up or has a problem?
I don’t think any home automation system is reliable enough to replace a conventional alarm



That's why the konnected option is good, because you don't, it can be a bolt on. Then you get both.

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If your existing alarm has a keyswitch option (some do), you could set/unset your alarm using a relay/output device controlled through HE that toggles/changes the state of the 'keyswitch'.

How do you set/unset your existing alarm ? Can you do so via contact closure (as asked above) ?
Unset via a contact open/close would be unusual as it’s insecure,

Hi all, cheers for your input. I wasn't intending of removing my current alarm. I have 2 conventional hard wired numeric keypads which arm/disarm the panel. I was wondering if there was a hard wired ZigBee version of the keypad which could arm/disarmn the panel via a routine or alternatively arm/disarm in the usual manner by entering the pin number? Any thought guys

Have you looked at konnected? This is what they do. You attach it to you existing alarm system and continue to use the keypad. But you can then use your contacts and motion sensor in HE. If your alarm allows for it you could arm disarm from HE aswell.

konnected is awesome.

To do this the Zigbee keypad would have to be wired onto your alarm panel bus and speak the same protocol as the existing keypads. There are a lot of different protocols and the device being wired/wireless is not very typical. So no I don’t think you’ll find anything.

So that’s why I was asking about arming/disarming via contact closure (usually a key). If that is possible then you don’t have to use the bus protocol and could use a relay driven from HE. Then you could utilise any Zigbee keypad as it wouldn’t need to be wired back to your alarm on the bus.

Konnected would require this too as it doesn’t emulate a keypad.

Just as a clarification... are you happy to use your existing keypads to arm and disarm (and not HE) as long as you can get the status events into HE ? If so that’s an easier job maybe. I’m thinking you do want the remote (HE) functionality though too.

What brand/model of alarm is it ?

Hi, I'm in the UK and have a Honeywell G4 accenta. Connected seems interesting but I'm not sure how this would arm and disarm. Their website doesn't seem to show enough detail. Also my bell box has 5 wires, once again, how would Konnected manage this. I would like to to continue using my existing keypads but would like to arm the alarm based on certain routine triggers. Also, yes I would like to use it to view the status of contacts etc.

You need to find out about the arm/disarm via contact closure ability. Maybe somebody here knows or your installer ? Or you can reference a manual somewhere. I feel pretty sure it will have such a feature.

Was this professionally installed - is it under contract for maintenance or have you installer access to it ?

Hmm - here's a manual but I couldn't see a wired set/unset ability

This might prove useful for a virtual keypad (emulator)

That's unfortunate, the Accenta G3 had a keyswitch input but seems to have been removed on the G4 version. shown on page 7
As far as i'm aware the footprint of both boards (G3 & G4) were the same so you could swap it out if you could get your hands on one (I've just checked my cupboard and only have a spare G4). An implication of swapping them would be if your existing G4 is using all zones then you wouldn't have a zone free for the keyswitch input to connect.

The keypad emulator above looks nice :smiley:

Cheers for the pointers guys. It's given me something to think about but I think I may be out of my depth. Kind Regards in any event :+1:

I wouldn't have a house alarm in home automation hubs, they are not reliable enough. Keep it separate and get one with a smart app. I have Texacom which is good

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I second having a independent system. My system is wired and I want to upgrade my system to something newer but still non-smart. Then fit a konnected as a read only device.

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Cheers, yes I have to agree that a conventional alarm system is a must in terms of reliability. That said, I do like the idea of using Konnected to monitor my conventional alarm. I also like the idea of being able to arm my alarm with Konnected using a key switch, unfortunately my Honeywell Accenta G4 doesn't support the key switch functionality so back to the drawing board me thinks. Oh, and also, does anyone know if Konnected will still update status' if the internet goes down! Will it still communicate with HE via my local network. I must say that the Konnected website doesn't give a lot of detail

Guys, I'm still mulling this one over. Does anyone in the UK know of a replacement for the G4 which has a key switch. I've contacted Honeywell but no response. I wish I could lay my hands on a G3 but they're not even available 2nd hand on eBay

Visonic has been pretty popular on your side of the pond. Some of your fellow countrymen have been working on this integration. The only problem here is it seems this work is being done to accommodate the older Visonic models not their newer one. Old or new, they really knew how to design wireless alarm systems.