Host Ping/Check App & Grafana Logger

I'm coming from Smartthings hub.
I had 2 apps that I frequently use with ST and now I'm looking for identical solutions on Hubitat.

  1. Host Pinger
    This is an application which pings certain IP hosts and then changes the virtual device (switch) state on/off. Actually since the ST hub does not have ping feature, a linux server (raspberry PI like) pings the hosts and ST gets state of host from the linux server.
    Now I'm not sure if there is an inbuilt "ping" function on Hubitat. If there is , that's great.
    But assuming there's no such function, I believe someone has already written a similar app for Hubitat. I just could not find it. Can you please redirect me to correct solution ?

  2. Grafana Logger
    On ST , I was using a smart app which posts information from motion /temperature sensors (and other devices) to my influxDB, which then I was able to analyze the data on my Grafana server.
    is there similar app for Hubitat ? (preferably using influxDB)


I found the answer for Grafana/InfluxDB logger here:

This is the port of what I had used on ST. So it is good for me.

Now I need a host checker. But I could not find yet.

Any ideas ?

This might work for you.

I saw it. But it is a http checker.
I'm looking for a way to check via icmp

Maybe use this to flip the virtual switch. It was just released.

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it definitely will help.

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I'm using the same influxdb logger as above and works good.

I haven't played with it much but found a app called activity check. It will look at devices with no activity in their events in xx hours and send you a report every xx hours.

Also install hubitat package manager if you haven't already. It makes updating user apps/drivers much easier. (Think update from repo in ST)

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Coming to this post a little late I know, but thought I'd add my 2c in....

I use the Hubitat Ping to keep tabs on the rpi that I have InfluxDB and Grafana installed on. I also using the HTTP Presence Driver to check that the main Grafana site is still up. I then setup Device Watchdog with a status report to show the "presence" of these and other hubs and services in my HA setup.