Hooked up 3 zooz 27

They work GREAT. except for the smart bulb control. It’s like a 1.5 sec slay, which is noticable

Are those zwave? Can you post a link to the product? I'm curious.


Is this an additional function? Or do you have something set up?

I installed one of these for a friend. There's nothing specifically built into them for smart bulb control, but when manufacturers say this, they usually mean that they provide an easy way for you to disable the relay/local control. That way, manipulating the switch doesn't actually turn the load on or off but instead send button (in Hubitat's case; or Z-Wave central scene, generally speaking) commands to the hub, which you can then use to interpret however you want.

This is how both the ZEN27 and new Inovelli switches work, though both seem to have difficulty with remote "dumb" switches in a three-way configuration with local control disabled. (Inovelli lets you use aux switches, which would probably solve this, assuming the aux knows the difference between and up or down tap--if not, I still don't know how the "master" switch knows which scene command to send.)

Anyway, with the Zooz, I have local control disabled. I then use a single tap up to run a RM/Button Device automation that turns on the smart bulbs, a single tap down to turn them off, a hold up to start raising level, a hold down to stop lowering level, and a release of up or down to stop raising/lowering level. I think they support a double-tap I'm not currently using, too. (Inovelli supports up to 5 in each direction plus one tap of their extra button; they weren't supposed to support hold and release but happened to get firmware from the developers that did, which is great because it means you can do this with those, too.)

Ah! Cool!

Hi Berta,
Can you help me with this rule as I am in the same situation as you describe?



You have two options--or really infinitely many since it's Hubitat, but two that I'd recommend. If you want to use Rule Machine, someone demonstrated how to set it up here with a Hue Dimmer:

It would be a bit different for the Zooz (unless you wanted to emulate the Hue Dimmer's "multi taps," you can ignore the button-push counting, and the button numbers would be different; the Hue has 4 discrete buttons but you only have 2 on the Zooz and won't be able to use the +/-10 dimming and start/stop raising/lowering due to number of buttons, so you'll have to pick your favorite--I'd use the latter myself).

Alternatively, I wrote Dimmer Button Controller to simplify setups like the above a bit: [RELEASE] Dimmer Button Controller (configure Pico to emulate Hue Dimmer or any button device to easily control lights). (You select the lights once in total instead of once for every button/action, which I think gets annoying fast.)

In any case, the Zooz gives you three usable events for each button: the up paddle gives "button 1 pushed" for a normal tap (map that to turn on your smart bulbs), "button 1 held" after it's pressed for a second or so (use that to do a startLevelChange(up), a "Start raising dimmers" in RM, or "Brighten" with "Dim/brighten while held" enabled in Dimmer Button Controller), and a "button 1 released" event when let go if held (map that to stopLevelChange(), "Stop raising/lowering dimmers," or Dimmer Button Controller will take care of that for you with the previous option checked). Button 2 is similar but for the down paddle, so I'd map that to dimming/lowering events instead.

Thanks for the quick response.

I will try out these options and see which one works best.