Hoobs on Hubitat

I’m trying to get Hoobs on my Hubitat and I’m getting lost in how to do it. Can it go directly onto Hubitat or does it need a raspberry pi separate from Hibitat?




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I've never heard of HOOBS until now. While I recognize there are many reasons to bring different systems together under a common platform (SMART THINGS / HOMEKIT / ETC), if you're not currently running Hoobs, not sure why you would want to add it to Hubitat. From my brief reading - seems like Hubitat already does most or all of what Hoobs is designed to do, so isn't Hoobs just a Hubitat alternative?

I'm interested in what Hoobs brings to the mix from your perspective. It may just be an alternative interface or more familiar platform.


It allows you to have access to your Hubitat devices on Homkit


It's a packaged version of HomeBridge that either comes with its own hardware, or you can burn an image to an sd-card and run it on a dedicated RPi. I prefer running HomeBridge on an SBC with oznu's homebridge-config-ui-x. I also run a bunch of other things (node-red, Sonos server etc) on the same SBC.

In both instances (Hoobs and HomeBridge), the goal is to import Hubitat devices into HomeKit as @denniscwalther stated. It also lets me do a few other things - like run automations on Hubitat devices based on my iCloud calendar.


Understand - I'm tracking the Homebridge, hadn't heard of Hoobs. Thanks!

I agree with @aaiyar on running the native config-ui-x version and not Hoobs.

Here is a raspbian image Getting Started · homebridge/homebridge-raspbian-image Wiki (github.com)

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Here's another option too:

It's more of a turn-key but isn't built using the latest. The moment it's running you'd want to do some updating :slight_smile:

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