Hoobs Hub vs C-8

Can the hoobs hub be replaced by the c8?
i have meross devices on wifi
i have a door lock that runs on zwave
and a hub for aqara that all needs to be connected to home app on ios
not that it needs too lol i just want one hub lol not multiple plus i need zwave integration for ios

Hoobs is just a prepackaged Homebridge and Hubitat's Homekit Integration does exactly the same thing BUT has limits imposed by Apple. Hubitat wants to be a certified bridge while Homebridge/Hoobs have no interest. Apple's restrictions means certain devices cannot be passed over to HomeKit. This mostly means drivers determine compatibility.

Hubitat's built-in ZWave Lock driver can be sent to Homekit, but the others I don't recognize as built-in drivers.

Actually I thought that it was NO border entry devices could be shared (locks and garage doors) even when using built in system drivers? Other Zwave devices using custom drivers can be shared. As stated, this is only as limit of Apple certified bridge devices.

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You must be right... I still use Homebridge as my primary, but I have many virtual devices on my Development hub including a virtual Lock... which is 100% missing from the Integration. When I change it to use a Generic ZWave Lock driver, it does show in the incompatible list.


Ok so I should keep hoobs hub as well from what I’m understanding

I have the Schlage connect and it’s zwave and I need to connect to apple services?

Is it a try situation see if it works?

My previous situation was ring but then I broke the hub from rage

It was connected to my router via Ethernet then the alarm went off saying it wasn’t able to find internet then lost it on the ring device

You'll need to do this via one of Hubitat's homebridge integrations and Hoobs.

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:point_up: This. Hoobs is just a fork of Homebridge and they started selling hardware with it pre-loaded. It does not do Zwave on its own (looks like Hoobs Pro hub possibly has Zigbee support).

I am using Hubitat with Homebridge to share all my devices to Apple HomeKit. Works awesome.


I am looking at using Hoobs to integrate Hubitat into Homekit so I can get all my items into Homekit. Is there a delay in actions since it's going through Hoobs? Right now I have the native integration which is fine, but I really wish I could get all my items into Homekit.

I would just use Homebridge and not Hoobs. This is based on research I had done myself, I have never used Hoobs but thought about switching over to and then decided against it after researching.

If your Homebridge sever is connected via Ethernet then you should have no noticeable delay. The only time I had delays was when my server was on Wifi.

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I will have to look into Homebridge, thanks!

Hoobs is just a pre-packaged version of Homebridge with the GUI front end ( homebridge-config-ui-x) pre-installed with the Yellow look selected.

Once you get a working config, I haven't found a need for burning CPU cycles on a GUI. :slight_smile:

If you're just getting started with Homebridge, Hoobs isn't a bad starting place. It's just a NodeJS package and as a result, runs on a huge set of always-on-computers. I have mine running on a headless Mac Mini that's real intent is a Media Server. Plenty of spare cycles available for 2-3 NodeJS packages.


I have an old Mac mini (i5) - I might turn that into a headless server in the new place. Thank you for the idea!


Using a Mac for Homebridge is just the best. So stable. Plus, I can run other things on it as well and it doesn’t even blink.


I have 4 NodeJS apps running on my headless Mac Mini... Node-Red, HubConnectProxy and Homebridge plus a second Homebridge instance for a specific appliance that I want to segregate rebooting of each.

MiniServer ~ % ll /library/launchagents
total 32
drwxr-xr-x   6 root  wheel   192B May 20  2022 .
drwxr-xr-x  65 root  wheel   2.0K Sep  1 17:31 ..
-rw-r--r--@  1 csteele  staff   819B May 31  2021 HubConnectProxy.plist
-rw-r--r--@  1 csteele  staff   820B May 31  2021 NodeRedServer.plist
-rw-r--r--@  1 csteele  staff   829B May 31  2021 com.homebridge.server.plist
-rw-r--r--@  1 csteele  staff   849B May 31  2021 com.homebridge_tcc.server.plist
MiniServer ~ %
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