Honeywell Wifi Thermostat Driver

I'm hoping this thread will help revisit support/integration for Honeywell's line of WiFi based Smart Thermostats that connect to and use Total Connect/Honeywell Home.

SmartThings has an official integration with Honeywell WiFi thermostats.

Just for info I have the 9000 thermostat model myself(the one in the link). Anyways I'm also aware of and very grateful for @csteele community driver. However I believe it has been mentioned its using a method should not be heavily relied upon as Honeywell doesn't support it and could suddenly stop working some day. I've noticed the driver doesn't seem over to Alexa or Google home. Possibly because it uses a virtual device? Also Hubitat has yet to add native thermostat support to the Echo Skill. I'm not a fan of the polling aspect as well. If you set lower intervals you tend to get errors due to being rated limited by Honeywell. ST doesn't seem to rely on that method due to its integration.

Interestingly this is how my Thermostat looks in their IDE:

Looks like Honeywell has a couple of apis(Not sure which would apply)
Honeywell Home Open API

Ideally I would like to see an official integration with Hubitat & Honeywell take place. But if not maybe a more solid community driver? I'm no developer myself LOL

I may have to write this.. I have access to a bunch of these devices.. But don’t use them personally because of wifi/cloud ickiness.. But they are pretty widespread, readily available devices ..


I know where you're coming from. I used to have an ecobee3 and thought that was the best thing on earth until I replaced it with a z-wave thermostat. The fine-grained control of being able to incorporate several Temp/RH sensors in automations that control comfort is unbelievable.

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Yeah the cloud isn't the greatest. I'm stuck with it for family member acceptance and replacement cost otherwise I may be inclined to switch it out for something else.

Its quite popular among local HVAC installers from what I understand. We had our entire system replaced about 3 years ago and that's all they install.

This thermostat is the one thing that has me considering ST over Hubitat. Be nice to see feature parity at least in this case.

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There is a ST driver?... If so we could probably port it pretty quickly..


No. Its one of their new "Works with SmartThings" integrations.

@colinkelly9 - you know you can leave your thermostat on ST and bring it into HE using HubConnect, right?

I've a few integrations on ST - my bed (SleepIQ) and my dryer sensor (SmartDry). I bring them both into Hubitat using HubConnect.

Edit - just checked again - I have my MyQ integrated via ST as well. Basically anything that is cloud dependent.

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I guess i should have been clear its an official integration.

@aaiyar Yeah but I'm trying to keep it to one hub/platform at least for now.


Not to sway you or anything, but I don't even have my ST hub plugged in. HubConnect doesn't require that for cloud integrations on ST.


You know your right about that. Not needing the hub at all for access to ST cloud integrations lol. That is the thermostat, couple of tp link plugs, and MyQ integration (although I'm not sure how well that would work without the zigbee door sensor).

Yup. And they show up in Hubitat to be controlled as part of your Hubitat automations ......

Thanks to the genius of @srwhite.


I'm less than a week with the HE Hub and glad I found this thread.

Wifey loves the Honeywell 9000 series but I'm trying to building a Z-Wave smart home and 1 thermostat is the extent of Honeywell's existence in my home. Fortunately I've been able to hold her off from just going to Home Depot, buying one and coming home to tell me I have to install it or losing or being denied "certain privileges". LOL!!

Anyways, I currently have an a z-wave 2GIG CT-100 Thermostat running HVAC for the basement and first floor levels and have a second that can be install for the upper floor HVAC unit, but none of the other Thermostats have met the WAM (Wife Approves Modification) factor, Especially given that the house is wired for the second floor thermostat ro to sit in our bedroom rather than in a hallway.

Honeywell makes a really good z-wave+ thermostat: the Honeywell T6 Pro z-wave. There's a dedicated Hubitat built-in driver for it.

It is inconspicuous and works well.


That is a predicament! Honeywell honey-do...or honey don't. :wink:

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I use this with my Honeywell TCC thermostat. Works well for me so far.


I tried the suggested driver for Honeywell TCC on Hubitat but get this error in the logs.
org.codehaus.groovy.runtime.typehandling.GroovyCastException: Cannot cast object '' with class 'groovy.util.slurpersupport.NodeChildren' to class 'java.lang.Integer'

Was there anything that you had to do on the Hubitat to get it to work. I'm new to Hubitat but coming from SmartThings so I know the whole Groovy DTH scene pretty well.

Are you using the newer driver?? "-C" ??

 * csteele: v1.2.3   communications with TCC changed and now Mode and Fan need to be numbers
 *                    Operating State reflects the ENUM values ("Unknown" isn't acceptable)

Yes, that is correct. -C Version 1.2.3.

Just setup my Hubitat today and upgraded the firmware to the current version (

I did a little debugging. This line (around 580) was generating the exception
//The next line generated the error.
//sendEvent(name: 'relativeHumidity', value: curHumidity as Integer)
because the curHumidity was null.

Digging a little further and this is what is coming back from TCC :

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I am running Chrome with cookies and javascript enabled but this should be running at the hub and my PC should be irrelevant (I think).
I'm new to Hubitat but I don't see any settings that would appear to make any difference to this. Does this give you any ideas?

On further investigation I find that the driver works on one of my Honeywell thermostats (RTH6500 WiFi) which is a more modern one. However, on my other thermostat (THX9321 Prestige 2.0) which is connected via Redlink internet gateway, generates the error listed above.

I may take a closer look at it and see if I can fix it (or I might just buy an Ecobee) but if anyone finds they are having similar errors this may be the cause. My guess is that it is looking for some field that doesn't exist on this type of device and thus generating the exception.

Indoor or Outdoor Humidity are options and the code expects a value. Obviously humidity is in a range from 0% to 100% and a value of 128 means the option isn't there. It seems as if your Thermostat returns something else... I am getting 128

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