Honeywell Thermostats/Total connect Comfort

Just got my Hubitat plugged in this morning, and can't quite migrate yet since I missed a couple of key components, one of which is my thermostats. I've got two of the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats, and don't really want to shell out the money to upgrade them right now. I'm wondering if there's an easy workaround or if TCC integration is on the roadmap?

I think I could get away with using IFTTT for the short term, but it's a less than ideal solution.

Any ideas from the community?

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I certainly don't have an answer, but a comment and request for validation. I always found the ST integration to be unreliable, but IFTTT worked every time. Since TCC is a cloud service, the benefit of a direct Hubitat integration is minimal vs. using a cloud intermediary, such as IFTTT.

If I've misunderstood, I'd appreciate correction.

You're right, I just prefer to limit hops where I can. I've also found IFTTT to be a bit on the slow side when triggering things. IFTTT will work.

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I have a few honeywell wifi t-stats I'd like to at a minimum poll (and if I'm honest control) heating mode(on/off), current temp and set point. I do some very basic turning on/off of fans/etc based on this info and it's always nice to see more info in fewer apps as well as set them from a single action.

If anyone's making any progress on such, I'd rather cooperate (ride along) with that effort than do it badly on my own.

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The API looks pretty straight forward (I also have a T-Series).

When I get some time, I might try to log it's traffic. Would be nice if there were a local option.

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Definitely looks like a cloud only solution unless Honeywell has an obvious unprotected Firmware feature...or if there is a physical link between controller micro and a separate TCP/IP controller. Might peak under the hood but generally not worth the time.

Plan to go the cloud route or buy a replacement dumb controller (that the family can use with buttons) with a local interface that is already supported. Zen?

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