Honeywell T6 Zwave Thermostat

here's the firmware versions from mine...

device: 01 04 03 00

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Thanks, FWIW, my unit hasn't thrown any abnormal high temp readings.

to @mike.maxwell
I'm using the default zwave generic thermostat driver, software version:
It's strange, it has worked fine, but suddenly, I've gotten the following error:

As well, even more mysterious is that there were no physical changes at the time of these errors in the log.
P.S. Happy New Year to You and Yours!
(with many thanks for all that you've done for Hubitat!)

Following this closely as I'm really interested in this thermostat due to the remote sensor capability! Hope to see these issues ironed out!

FYI, I use RM to control this thermostat using input from 8 external temp/hum sensors. Took a couple weeks to set it to work well. Should be possible to use the same logic to control any Hubitat-supported thermostat the same way. @waynespringer79 has described doing this with a Zen thermostat this a while back.

The biggest advantage of the Honeywell T6 is the breath of HVAC configurations supports - up to 3H/2C. I'm using it with a 2-stage HP with separate Aux and E sources.

That's good to know. I may have to look into this further but with the hub slow downs I've seen at times, I'm really trying to avoid having any critical devices, such as a thermostat, dependent on Hubitat for operating vs just additional features such as going into away mode. So the fact that the thermostat supports an external sensor means to me that the thermostat would continue functioning properly even if the hub is having a fit and can't reach the other sensors it may be referencing through rule machine.

I've recently gone as far as turning off the hub for a couple of days to determine what doesn't work without the hub. My thoughts are everything critical should work, like light swtiches, thermostat, locks, garage door, etc, I just lose the convenience of some of the automations like motion sensors, things happening automatically at certain times, etc. This is especially important when I'm out of town and the hub slows down and my wife can't operate anything.

For anyone who finds this on Google later, a driver has been released for this [RELEASE] Advanced Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat Driver

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@bcopeland does it again... :guitar: :guitar:

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All @aaiyar's fault of course!!! Noticed a couple of posts about them so yeah maybe.

I own Pearls which are nice and functional and only use them for radiant floor heating. Really like the look of the T6s though.