Honeywell T6 Z-Wave - Missing Thermostat Mode (Auto) on

I have read virtually every post here related to the HW T6 thermostat. Have seen similar types of reports but not this one.

I do not see the 'Auto' Thermostat Mode in the built-in T6 driver as a drop down.

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 5.12.17 PM

Also, 'Auto' mode is not listed in the 'Current States' summary info on the driver settings page:

The 'Auto' Thermostat Mode is enabled within the Installer Device Setup menu as ISU #300. 'Auto' mode is NOT turned on by default but it is enabled on my devices.

Also, ISU #303-Auto Differential is set to 5°F so that Auto mode allows a greater ∆T before changing operation mode (i.e. Heat to Cool). (Though, this is more of a comfort feature on this newer device because the T6 has "built-in compressor protection in the form of a minimum off timer that prevents the compressor from restarting too early after a shutdown.")

What am I missing? I've seen posts where 'Auto' thermostat mode is shown in screenshots so I know it existed once upon a time. Is this a driver issue?


Device Ref: Honeywell T6 PRO Z-WAVE THERMOSTAT TH6320ZW2003 /U

What driver are you using? Also I think isu 300 needs turned on (Auto changeover)

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Yes, confirmed, 300 needs to be set to on


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Thanks. As my post says, it's on.

oops didn't see that. What driver are you using?

Anyone developing a driver will probably already have this info but dropping it here as reference...

Supported Z-Wave Command Classes:
Z-Wave Plus Info V2
Supervision V1
Transport Service V2
Association V2
Version V2
Association Group Information V2 Basic V1
Battery V1
Clock V1
Configuration V4
Device Reset Local V1 Manufacturer Specific V2 Sensor Multilevel V5 Notification V3 Powerlevel V1
Security 2 V1
Thermostat Fan Mode V3 Thermostat Fan State V1 Thermostat Mode V3 Thermostat Operating State V1 Thermostat Setpoint V2

Thermostat Mode V3:
• Some of the reported modes are manufacturer specific if not covered by the Z-Wave command class.

Basic V1 (basic set command implementation):
• Value 0x00 Device goes to Energy saving setting (AWAY mode)
• Values 0x01-0x63 and 0xFF Device goes to Comfort setting (HOME mode)

Notification V3:
• Notification V3 is enabled by default (Power management alarm handling). Notification
Type: Power Management (0x08). Notification Events: AC mains disconnected (0x02), AC mains re-connected (0x03).

• All supported Z-Wave Command classes are supported securely (S2 unauthenticated), except Transport Service V2, Security 2 V1 and Z-Wave Plus Info V2

Association V2:
• Group ID: 1; Maximum Nodes: 1; Description: Z-Wave Plus Lifeline
• Command Classes reported: Multilevel Sensor, Thermostat Setpoint, Thermostat Mode
• Thermostat Fan Mode, Thermostat Operating State, Thermostat Fan State, Basic




Sorry, I misread it. Don't use that driver, use the generic z-wave thermostat driver, click configure and then refresh. It's better than the normal t6 driver and recommended by the dev's. It will pull all capable attributes

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 6.35.25 PM

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see above, I edited it (oops)

Holy crap is my reading comprehension bad today...

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Wait until you are in your seventies.

I'm not that far off, pushing 60 in a couple of years

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Um, hate to spoil your day, but it’s a steep cliff between 60 and 70.


Tried changing driver on one device. Saw the desired settings appear. Sent message to support requesting 'official' position on the built-in named driver. Awaiting response from @bcopeland.

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One further observation, the Generic driver will not allow the setting of a Thermostat Mode in Rule Machine. But, the built-in named Honeywell driver will allow it. Weird.

Also, seems like the T6's Home/Away mode is a proprietary setting and is not exposed to HE. Read a related post somewhere... Anyone know the answer?

I’m not sure but I think the virtual thermostat app will give you those options. Someone correct me if I’m wrong please

It will. I have done this before I stopped using my T6 Pro.

It isn't exposed via z-wave to any controller, not just Hubitat.

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Download the Hubitat app