Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostat

I'm not getting the option "auto" thermostat mode in the Rules machine for my Honeywell T6 Pro Z-Wave Thermostats. I tried changing to the generic driver and still no "auto" mode option. Can I add the option somewhere?

You have to set isu setting 300 in the thermostat to on and you will have auto... (might have to refresh/configure the driver after you do this)

I just came back to report that it was a setting in the thermostats that had to be turned on. :slight_smile:

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Were you able to get auto added to 'supportedThermostatModes' list? If so, then how? I've had my thermo set in auto mode for months but am not able to get that mode listed in the supported mode list so I can select that in HE. The device shows that it's in auto mode but I cannot actually set auto mode from HE, I've tried all the things I could think of (refresh/configure) but I've had no luck. Thanks.

The setting you need to turn on is in the thermostat,

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You need to turn on ISU 300

Hi @rlithgow1,

Thanks, I appreciate the feedback but as I mentioned, that's already set to 'on'. I've been running in 'auto' mode for months, I just can't get the driver to update the mode list to include 'auto' so I can set it via HE. Configure and refresh didn't update that list. I was just wondering how you got your list updated.

I use the generic z-wave plus thermostat driver which supports it...(Click configure whenever you change drivers, that will pull all available attributes)

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Thanks, the generic driver liked that better; all the modes are listed now, thanks again.

The drivers for this thermostat are a hot mess, to be blunt about it. None of them work exactly the same. I point that out for the folks that are mentioning thermostat settings. It could be that, but it could also be which driver is chosen.

I went through all of them a few weeks ago, trying to figure out which did what and how.

Of the stock drivers, both are missing (or mishandling) at least one of these features/attributes: ability to work with the dashboards, temperature/humidity reporting in logs, and proper identification and control of operating and fan modes. I didn't document which of the stock drivers did or didn't do which item, but neither did all three.

For my use, the best driver is the 'advanced' driver, which controls dashboards and has the correct modes, but doesn't report to the logs. (Which is fine for my usage.)

There were just some fixes in .123, for thermostat dashboards. Did you try things on that release?


Drivers not behaving the same isn't the definition of a hot of the strengths of HE is access to built-in and community drivers. Different authors means the drivers are going to be different in intent, scope, reliability, etc.

The HE drivers often have a more limited set of features than community drivers as the focus for HE drivers is to provide a high degree of reliability for the most commonly used device capabilities. Community drivers often are developed to extend things beyond those "basics."

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When two stock drivers attempting to deliver the same functionality behave differently -defectively-, I'll disagree. (No argument that there can be no arguments about the custom driver.
It is what it is. At least it can be edited to give the proper functionality.)

No, I usually wait a few days before moving to a new release. I'll give it a shot this weekend, so thanks for the heads up. A bit odd they would fix this problem on a bug fix release after however many years, but if it is indeed fixed, I'll take it. I think that would make one of the stock drivers fully functional, but I would want to test it out before declaring the problem solved.

I think we just have different definitions regarding what defines something as a hot mess. A case of Tomayto-Tomahto. :wink:

That kind of caution and some would even say intelligence are out of my reach. :slight_smile:

It looks like it worked! Thanks so much again for the notice. (I did have to take a bit of a leap and move to .125, ever-so-slightly violating my rule by moving to a 'new' release, but it was worth the gamble.)

I'll give it a few days to bake, but if it holds true, it looks like the 'generic' driver is now my recommendation for this stat.

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