Homseer HSM200 update intervals

I am new to Hubitat and trying to make a VERY simple system, when the temperature in my garage gets above 90 degrees turn on a relay that powers a fan, when the temperature drops down below 80 degrees, turn the fan off.
I have a Homeseer HSM200 and Zooz relay all set up and rule written no problem!
The PROBLEM is the HSM 200 only updates temperature every HOUR.
In device settings through Hubitat--->devices, it lists preferences, one is "lux report interval" and one is "temperature report interval". However they don't appear to be mapped properly to the actual device settings. They are by default set 60 (which is minutes) per the manufacturer and I can confirm in logs. When I change "lux report interval" it makes zero affect on the unit at all. When I change "temperature report interval" it changes the LUX report interval. Verified by log returns, I can make it report lux every minute, 2 minute, 5 minute, whatever I put "temperature report interval" actually affects the lux reports.
So I have no way of updating or affecting the temperature report interval, I just want to set it to something more frequent like 1 or 5 minutes.
I found on HomeSeer's website that I need to change parameter 4 to the minutes I want it to report. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to use the "advanced" feature to send the command to change parameter 4 of this device to 1.

Alternatively I think that if I updated the firmware of the Homeseer it might help, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that, I have tried with the firmware update tool but it gives an authentication error.

TLDR: what is the command to enter into "advanced" to set parameter 4 of this device to "1" ?

TIA, and looking forward to mush more complex operations in the near future!

Nobody has any advice or help to offer on this?

I missed this the first time.

I don't have one of these, so I can't comment on the accuracy of the settings page.

What you are probably looking for is Super basic Z-Wave parameter tool

You import this into your Drivers Code. Then in the device's settings page, you select this Zwave tool as your driver (device type). You can read the parameters and set them. The output of reading the existing parameters will be in logs. Once you get everything set, then you switch back to the correct driver.

Here is the instructions how to import code. How to Install Custom Drivers - Hubitat Documentation

I included the RAW code link here so you can copy and paste this URL into the driver code import button without having to copy and paste all the lines of that code. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hubitat/HubitatPublic/master/examples/drivers/basicZWaveTool.groovy