Homeseer Water Valve

I've seen threads that said people are able to add Homeseer Water Valves to Hubitat. It doesn't see mine when I try to include it. I've excluded it from Homeseer... Factory defaulted it...and Hubitat can't find it. I even moved the hub right next to it.


Never mind...I excluded it from HS4 and preformed a factory reset (twice) ... I came back now and did an exclude in Habitat and discovery found it on the first try,


If you see this symptom again, try an exclusion in Hubitat before doing the inclusion. It seems fairly typical for devices to need an exclusion when moving from another hub.

You also will see if the device is in range, the hub will give a confirmation of exclusion message. If you don't see the "unknown device was excluded" message, something is wrong.

Glad you got it sorted out. :+1:

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Live and learn with Hubitat quirks, I guess. I've just never had a factory reset device do that to me before. This one was important since it controlled flooding if something leaked. I still want to add water flow metering to the system still, but this was key. THANKS!

As long as your old hub is off, you can use Hubitat to exclude any device.

If you haven't read it, you should take a gander at this post.. Will help avoid some of the gotchas. \Are you new to home automation or Hubitat or coming from a different platform such as SmartThings, Vera, or Wink? This may help!