Homeseer HS-WD200+ Issues

I'm still posting in the other thread ( @bcopeland ). I found two things:

  1. It appears the LED and Color are reversed in the driver. You can see that by the errors.

  2. It appears that the Status LEDs are never enabled. They go on an off with the dim function and they increase in number when the dimmer is bright and fewer when the dimmer is dim.
    And OFF when the dimmer is off.

I'm really not going to worry about it for the weekend. I think the Hubitat guys deserve a much needed break, and they should enjoy the holidays with their families.


Thanks for the info... I'm going to try to see if I can recreate your situation.

Agree on leaving the HE guys alone. With all of the issues reported since v2.2.4 release, they do need some quite time.

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Hi all. Sorry to spam this thread, but I started a new thread trying to get this device to work in WebCore.

(I tried to use the Switch Dashboard code to make it work, but I have a lot of device logic to process and adding all those individual rules with priority was not manageable)

I have not tried Rule Engine yet, as I was hoping to be able to port my pistons over.

If any of you have experience with these in HE Webcore, I could probably use your help...

EDIT: NEVERMIND, there was a driver bug. All working now!

@ArchStanton @bcopeland

I determined the issue is with security. I removed and rejoined w/o security and the built in driver can control the Status LEDs. I may have missed this concept from an earlier post.

For me this the solution. I have no need to have my fireplace wall wash lights connected with security :slight_smile:

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We’re you able to get the status lights set? I just installed my switch today and the controls on the device page don’t work for setting the status lights, assuming I’m doing it correctly.

I had to join the dimmer to the hub without security to get the LEDs to work (or more correctly be able to control them). Even without security I feel comfortable the Russians won't hack my dimmer switch :slight_smile:

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