Homeseer HS-WD200+ And Webcore

Hi all! Newbie here...

I just ported a piston on Webcore over from ST. I expected that it would not work, but I am having trouble interfacing this device. I am using the Homeseer HS-WD200+ (the one with LEDs) with the default driver.

(I had a thread about some issues with the driver going last week, but my issues with getting the device working appear to be fixed, so now I am starting this thread to try and understand how to interface through WebCore)

I just went through and moved through the entire range of single to 5-taps and collected it with the debug logging.

With Webcore, I can use "DEVICE pushed gets [1|2]" for a single press, and I can use "DEVICE doubleTapped gets [1|2]" for a double tap.

But my piston also reacts to triple, quad and quint taps. These generate a different entry in the log:

[dev:32] [...]: CentralSceneNotification(keyAttributes:6, sceneNumber:2, sequenceNumber:50)

The 6 is for 5-taps (3 and 4 also correspond to "4" and "5"), and the sceneNumber is the button (1 for top, 2 for bottom).

Can I get webcore to key off of these? Possibly with an expression and status or something?

Or will this require changing the driver?

Hubitat's stock driver supports up to only two taps in each direction. For anything more, you'll need a community driver. That debug log shows the hub getting a report from the device, but that's only useful if the driver creates an event (e.g., button push) off of that.

By the way, I see you recently made several other posts on similar topics. Are these all the same issue?

Thank you! I came to that realization looking at the logs.

I just posted in another thread where you had helped port the Homeseer driver over from Homeseer.

(If you are still in the mood to take a look! I appreciate your help!)

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