HomeSeer Fan Controller FC-200+ Support?

Any plans for device support in upcoming Hubitat releases?

In the meantime, any suggestions on how to fake it with other drivers, RM, Button Controller, ...?

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I was wondering the same thing. I am looking to purchase two of these soon. My daughters always leave their fans on, so I am looking to automate them. Their fans currently just use a non smart single position switch so this would be a nice way to gain not only automation and remote control, but also multiple speeds. They would also match the Homeseer 200+ light dimmers that are in the same wall plate.

Here is a link to the product in case anyone is curious. HomeSeer Fan Controller FC-200+

Any hubitat device handler for these?
How hard would it be to port the smartthings device handler over to hubitat? Are there any resources out there where I can learn the specifics?

info here...

For those still interested I am working on porting this driver. I have the fan and multiple speeds working but they are doing the LED's a bit different than HE likes. Hope to have something up in the next week.


Thank you! I have three of these in my home and have been patiently waiting for someone much capable than myself to port this over! Can't wait!

No problem I got two of them over the weekend and the LED status lights where my main reason for getting them over others.

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Ok here is an early one. I haven't had time to test everything. I know the fan speeds/ led status states all work as I am using them. Feedback is welcome if something isn't working you need.

Driver Homeseer FC-200+

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Outstanding! Thanks. Just installed and tested quickly.. appears there are four definite fan speeds as well as he indicator light working. Also tested set status led and all 4 lights were addressable! Excellent work! I will continue to test but so far looks great.

In my limited testing I couldn't make all 4 status lights blink together. I assumed that SetStatusLed(0,1,0) should have set all four lights to red and blink together. I use this as a warning that the Garage Door has been left open with my Homeseer RGB 200+ switch lights and it works well. With this device driver they all turn red but don't blink. Am I doing this correctly?

Other than that, it looks really good! Thanks!!

Edit: Seems like (5,1,0) also sets all status four lights to red, but doesn't make them blink. I tried changing the last integer to "1" in both scenarios and it didn't make a difference.

Mboarman Good find. You can get them to blink by setting the blink duration in ms. I will have to look through the code and see why it isn't set when passed with the led status.

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Can you share where you got the device code for the 200+ switch (or dimmer)? It would be nice to be able to change the leds on these as the built in driver doesn't work for that.

The default built in driver for the 200+ dimmer switch allows changing of the Leds

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Not to get off topic, but the default 200+ one does not allow you to control the default color of the RGB lights when not in Status Mode.....Not everyone likes white!! lol

Ah that's a bummer mine driver does allow that. If I get a chance I can look at a custom port of the dimmer but would be better to request HE change their default driver since they have one.

@banta - I've asked for one a couple of times but it doesn't appear that enough people are using the switches and looking for that feature to make it a priority. If you could post your custom handler, my wife would greatly appreciate it!!! lol.

No problem I'll port the STT one like I did the fan. After I get a couple of issues figured out with the other driver

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But that's not the only thing I need. Would be nice to have 3,4,5 tap, default led color, bottom led always on, etc. All these features are only in the official driver made for smartthings. I maybe incorrectly assumed you had that working as well. Not to mention the switch driver which is not in hubitat either.

Xam Yes I have them all theree

New forum for these drivers new build up tonight fixes allot of issues and moves multi/hold taps to buttons

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