Homemade Environment Sensor with Touch Screen Oled Display + NBA Live score

Latest update with touch screen here.

I have been playing around with OLED monochrome display. I connect it to my homemade environment sensor.

Here is a demo video.

I am toying with this idea to make it to display information not just from the sensor. I will consider to make it available in the future build. All the information that you see in the video is reported value to DTH. The DTH, in turn, send command to the sensor to display the information.

Doing the round about has some advantage. One can use the display to show much more information than just the information from the sensor. One can write app to display information from other sensor. One can also get sport score and show it on the OLED.

In a couple of pages shown in the video, I attempted to draw bitmaps that is drawn in the DTH . The OLED act like a plotter device.

For those who are not familiar with my homemade sensor, here is the main thread about it.



I just create app to pull data from another sensor. Thanks @bangali for his great work on Apixu.com worldwide weather

In this video, you can see more information from the weather driver on the OLED display compared to the first video above.

I have free time today. This is probably the only sensor that show NBA Live score of your favorite team.

The score is polled from nba,com web service using just written NBA hubitat app. I am not an expert on groovy. Feel free to improve on it.

I also throw in simple device so it can be displayed on dashboard.

Finally, This is probably the only sensor that display live nba score.

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How about favorite MLB team?

NBA has free public web service API. I have not looked for MLB. If one exist, a hub like Hubitat can always pull that info.

I suspect MLB is much more advance on feeding stats than any other sport. If you look carefully, I think you should be able to do the same with what I did for NBA.

FYI, NBA API is actually quite rich. There are plenty of information beyond just game stats. I think you can find which channel you can watch the game. Imagine that you can automatically turn your TV on and change the channel to the the game automatically. After the game, I think you can find URL of game recaps video which you can probably push to a chromecast.

For now, I guess you can use RM to turn off your TV when your favorite team is blown out.

I modified the OLED screen with a touch switch sensor that is hooked to the digital input. The idea allow some interaction with the sensor. We can flip through the sensor information with short touch. We can turn on and off a switch on a long touch.

The touch controller is based on ttp23. This basically cost pennies in Ebay. All I have to figure out is to extend the touch area to behind the OLED screen. With a bit of luck, I managed to have it work just fine.

Here is a picture of the ttp23 originally look like.


I'm actually loving this idea. It would be very cool to have small displays around the house to show different information based on Hubitat and internet info (room temp/humidity, sports, weather, etc).

I'm going to look into this a bit more :slight_smile: