Just added the HomeKit app on my main C7 hub and started to move my devices from Homebridge.
None of my meshed lights, from my C5 hub, are showing up in the HomeKit app. This was not a problem for the Maker API Homebridge I’m using right now.

The way we see it, why add another intermediary/point of failure? If a hub can communicate through hub mesh, it is on the same network, and can expose the same devices to HomeKit directly.


It's easier to maintain just one HomeKit integration. But if your way is to have one HomeKit integration per hub, its fine by me. Just wanted to know if it was by purpose or by mistake.
Since coming from Maker API and Homebridge, where mesh devices are exposed, I wasn't sure.

Couldn't find any info mentioning mesh devices in the documentation.

Setup homekit on each Hubitat hub that you have. You'll enjoy the speed.

Did a test between the integrated and Maker API. There is no real difference in speed between the two integrations. :slight_smile:

In the video clip, the right light is still on Maker API/Homebridge and the left is the new Hubitat HomeKit app.

In the HomeKit Integration App. Somethings show up as lights and others as switches, even tho they are both switches. What I mean is physically they are the same type of wall switch. I have a ceiling fan on a Zooz wall switch. It shows up in the app as a light. Thus when added to Homekit I can't change it to show something other than a light bulb. In the same room there is a light on a Zooz wall switch. I shows up as a switch and thus I can have it show up as a light or a switch.

Kinda confusing.

EDIT: Never mind. I figured it out. Had to hit Show Accessory Classes, then select which type I wanted it to be. I know better than trying to do things while waiting for the turkey to cook..:slight_smile:

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@gopher.ny Why isn’t locks and garage doors supported by Apple when they work perfectly fine using Homebridge via Maker API from Hubitat.
Is it because Homebridge doesn't care about being officially licensed by Apple?

Correct, Homebridge is not HomeKit certified and never will be. Hubitat is in the process of getting certified by Apple.

Here’s how Victor explained it in a beta thread during development of the integration:

This version has some Apple mandated changes that reduce functionality. They are required for eventual HomeKit certification. What Apple wants, Apple gets. They are a trillion dollar company with an army of lawyers, after all.

  • No support for door locks and garage door openers.

Its really not a big issue. I solve this by adding virtual switches but it looked a lot better in the Home app having proper locks and garage doors. :slight_smile:

You can keep Homebridge running for the subset of devices it’s able to integrate while moving most devices over to the native integration, if you want.


I don’t really like that rout. I like a clean and minimal installation. The fewer apps, the happier I am. :slight_smile:
I like built in apps/drivers more since they, most likely, will be supported as long as the Hubitat is supported.

I was hoping for a single app and perhaps more importantly to be able to get rid of Homebridge. But given the lack of support for virtual devices and custom drivers all the devices I care about are not supported. My lighting is lutron so I have direct support in HomeKit so the other things I want to surface are HSM, presence, modes and a myq garage door and it seems like that isn’t possible. I understand the Apple restrictions on barrier devices but am keeping my fingers crossed we get support for the other stuff at some point.

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Uset drivers are permitted if they don’t reference lan or cloud devices. I use a “virtual presence switch” driver from @ogiewon ’s repo, share it to Home, and set up the automation in Apple Home. I’ve done it this way for a couple years now and it works better than any other presence app I’ve tried.

I think most of my drivers are for lan devices… really if HSM and modes worked I’d be pretty happy. Beyond that I have some Bond shades and some presence virtual devices and I expose some Envisalink sensors (that I’d give up if that was it). Maybe the presence did show up in the list to expose and I missed it.

Edit: the envisalink sensors do show up. The presence (using @Cobra’s drivers) switches do not. The built-in Bond driver works but the community one does not (and I’m using the latter due to missing features in the former).

Hi all

I moved some devices from homebridge to the native HomeKit app and it all worked great last night.

This morning though none of the devices respond in HomeKit.

Any idea what might have changes since last night?

Caveat Emptor. I believe AAPL will not hesitate to f*ck this small community the same way Samsung did to Smarthings.

They could change these arbitrary rules at any time the lawyers decide to - it is the reason for several of these limitations (motivation now seems to be they don't want to be sued if someone breaks in to your house, but who knows what other goofy sh*t they will come up with in the future).
It could still break everything we might build around them - even if they don't make us change all our drivers and automation ecosystem as Samsung did.

I for one am not seeing a reason to jump in until the dust settles.

I tried to install Homekit on my hub and it gives me a 500 Server Error when i click on it in the list of built in apps. I don't see any additional information in or log messages. Is there something obvious that I would be missing?

Did you try rebooting?

Because apple mandates that barrier devices can't be passed for certification, Home bridge isn't certified so they have more leeway...

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Next to homekit integration click the gear icon, go to bottom, click remove, restart the hub then try installing integration again.

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