Homekit works great but is missing one app & two key devices (Zwave lock & MyQ Garage door)

I am sure the team is on top of it but did people notice some devices not being included in the new Homebridge integration? In my case, a Schlage BE468/BE469 Lock and a MyQ-connected garage door opener.

Also, the integration doesn't include HSM control, is that coming too?

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Per Apple certification guidelines border devices (looks and garage doors) can only be integrated directly to Homekit and not through a bridge. So those devices will never be allowed, by design.


:point_up: 100%

And, since Hubitat is working on true HomeKit Certification, they need to abide by all of the rules.


The best you can do is complain to Apple about their silly and restrictive rules. As noted above, any official integrations aren't allowed to have locks and other security devices.

Thank you, that's helpful.

I’ve been a homebridge user for a long time, so official certification is not a huge selling point to me personally, but I can see how it could make Hubitat more palatable to a larger audience.

I’ve moved over all of my standard devices to the homekit beta app and have had good luck with it so far. I cant tell if there are any improvements in latency (makerapi already worked well). But I still have a handful of devices that are handled in homebridge. i.e. virtual presence sensors, door locks, hsm, and one virtual button. It would be nice to get rid of homebridge altogether.

Is there any possibility for having two versions of the application? One officially certified to make Apple happy and a second uncertified application that can take care of the rest of the devices to make the “power” users happy?

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Pretty sure that is what HomeBridge already is. :sunglasses::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How did I know someone was going to respond with this? :wink:

Seriously though, it's the difference between running homebridge on a Pi or another computer versus having it all run on the Hubitat. But don't ask me if I have a Pi running node-red instead of using hubitat's rule machine :sweat_smile:


So you think that Apple will look at only the certified version and ignore the uncertified one if Hubitat were to put both on the hub?

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I‘m actually pretty surprised Apple would certify any version on Hubitat. I’d have expected they’d want the whole hub to be locked down. I know some of the cameras that are official HomeKit devices can either be used with the manufacturers app or HomeKit but not both. So would Apple even be ok having any app like makerapi or homebridge-hubitat communicate with homebridge? Would Apple remove certification if an outside developer created a hubitat app that worked natively with homekit like the official one?

Both the Philips Hue and Lutron Caseta systems have certified HomeKit capability, while still allowing their own respective applications to work, as well as allowing other systems to be integrated directly with Hue and Caseta. Philips does restrict HomeKit integration only to their own Hue branded devices, though.

This will somewhat change with Matter, as Hue has stated that non-Hue devices, paired to the Hue bridge, will be exposed as Matter devices. Apple's Home Matter controller will allow these devices to be joined to their system.

So, things are changing, hopefully for the better eventually. :slight_smile:

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The way around this is to create virtual switches then use those to control the locks and garage door then expose those to homekit

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I had my lock associated with my Ring controller and it worked in Homekit -- Why would this be different?

on the surface it seems the same

I do not know what the exact rules are, I am just stating what the devs have said. Did Ring directly integrate with Homekit or did you have to integrate it via Homebridge?

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through a homebridge plug in -

Homebridge is not a certified bridge system, so they can do whatever they want. Hubitat is going for certification so they have to follow the Apple rules. So if you already have Homebridge I would keep it around, for everything or just unsupported devices, up to you.


yup.. that makes sense

So my work around was to use homebridge-hubitat-tonesto7

thanks for yr insight

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The other option is to use virtual switches

It’s very solid and supports Adaptive Lighting and HSM. I’ve been using it for at least a couple years with a bridge for both HE hubs.

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