Homekit works for a short period after HE reboot then all devices go to "No Response"

I am not sure if related to the most recent firmware or if related to a new Homekit device (Aqara FP2) that was added at about the same time but all of my Homekit devices went to "No Response". If I reboot my HE, the statuses all come back for a short while. Sometime an hour, sometimes longer but then eventually goes back to No Response. No errors or warnings in the logs.

My HE is fixed IP, I have a primary and standy AppleTV as my hubs both fixed IP and I have tried the unplug everything then bring everything back up from other posts in the forum. As noted, if I just reboot the HE, then it works for a while then stops.

Any suggestions on other things I can try? Or @bobbyD or @gopher.ny is this something you can look into engineering logs to see more info I can't to determine root cause?

My hub is a C7 running

Thanks for any suggestions!

@sidjohn1 : from looking through your thread, it looks like there were VLAN issues. My Apple TVs and HE are on same VLAN so that isn't it and it does work for a short period. The comment from @daniel.winks with respect to invalid values could be a potential that I need to look into but not sure how I would fix that except by not sending that device info to HomeKit. I will see if I can track that down as well but also would love to hear from others (and possibly HE staff) to know if that issue Daniel brought up is getting resolved soon/any other suggestions! Thanks!

I found this issue because the device driver for my Third Reality window shades would report negative numbers. I changed the driver so it now just uses 0 for anything that the battery level calculations they provided would have resulted in a negative number. No more negative battery level, no more issue on HomeKit.

Turning the option on the HomeKit app in HE for whether or not to send the battery level to Apple also 'fixed' it. I could turn off sending the battery level at all:

Clicking that little - in the circle there disables sending the battery level at all. So even with the buggy driver, I could have all the functionality of my shades other than having HomeKit let me know when the battery is low.

Were that not possible, or I didn't have the skill to do that, and the "Extras" area there didn't have a way to disable the part that's causing the issue, then simply not adding that specific device to HomeKit would fix it.

So in my case again, I could add all my lights, locks, switches, etc, and just skip adding the shades, which would mean not having them available in HomeKit, but everything else would be there.

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Thanks for the details. I will look into my devices to see if any are misbehaving with bad data. It does mean I need to evaluate over 90 devices to see if one has started to misbehave recently with bad data as this used to be relatively stable. I will start with any recent changes I made to see if those are the culprit or maybe it is one of my devices with a low battery level. Thanks for the advice!

In my case it was a battery sensor. And because, you know, battery levels change over time, things were indeed fine for me for months. Then one device got low and started reporting "-17" or whatever and boom, everything "not responding".

Since things were fine and now they're not... I'd check battery first. You can use the new column on the admin UI to make it super quick too.