Homekit Presence Going Wild. Anyone else?

I use HomeKit to toggle virtual switches to represent presence.
Starting last night at 11PM EST and again today at 2PM EST they started slamming the virtual switches on and off like crazy, the house seemed possessed.

I was wondering if anyone else uses HomeKit presence and experienced similar behavior?

Edited to fit this form. Posted on HA Forum as well.

Yes, I had that happen to me. Especially fun if automations go off randomly at night.

My issue was that my "Home location" within the iOS / hub "wandered" off. I was able to see that my home location was so far off that my phone was on the edge and based on precision of the phone was constantly triggering presence.

Here is how I found out that my location was off:
In the iOS Home app, go to "Automations" -> "New Automation" -> "People Arrive" -> Click "Location"
I was able to see on the map that my "Home" wasn't my "Home" anymore but a couple of houses down the street.....

Now, on how to fix it.... I could not find any nice way to adjust it.... In the end, I deleted my home in the iOS app and set it up from scratch. I was lucky that I only had very few automations, while assigning the tiles to rooms was still a pain

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Thanks a lot!
This is why I cross-posted it, I knew I had some dear old friends here who were using this method of presence.
I'll look into it when I get home.

I use that method and had this happen once. And back then I was automating my garage door based on presence, and it went CRAZY on my wife! Not a good WAF that day.

I had to reboot the Apple TV that was my homekit hub, and that seemed to fix it.

It happened on a night I decided to go to bed early and my wife was ready to punch me next to her in the bed.

I was going to try this too.


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The day that happens was the day when I implemented "Combined Presence" and use multiple presence devices to trigger it more reliably.


Good idea... Might look into some bluetooth options...

Even two / three apps, like HomeKit, Life360 and Hubitat app combined have been very reliable for me. Two out of the three need to change to actually change my virtual presence device in Hubitat. I haven't had a failure since

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Homekit has been very reliable until last night.
It's a good idea though.

I've been trying to avoid giving my location to anybody I am not already giving it to, like Apple...

It is the old thief problem, you give you location away and someone might abuse it to break into my home. I fixed that old school style with a dog. Fully automated as it bites by itself without me being even present :crazy_face:

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Haha no, just my only contribution to the privacy fear mongering.
Also phone battery concerns.

I miss my two fluffy security enforcement officers.
Fish don't seem to scare anybody...

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LOL, I believe it was right after that that I wrote Combined Presence!

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So I was able to update the location for myself but I wasn't able to update my wife's location to trigger home. I got the following error.


I do people's presence individually, not "People Arrive"
I wonder if she goes in and tries if it'll let her.

I wonder if I can somehow analyze where your home is based on the limited information in that screenshot, as in "Ave", another street starting with "Stock" and the layout of the other streets..... :crazy_face:

In all seriousness, yes, try changing it on your wife's phone, Apple restricts what you can do with other peoples location to prevent "tracking" of people

So the issue is fixed.
I rebooted the Apple TV and now my Home shows the right location on the map.
Very strange issue... If it happens again I might start considering my options.
Thanks for all the help folks.

If it makes you feel any better, my Apple TV has only done it to me once in 2 years.

Same. Only happened once in two years. So that’s still a much better track record than any other Geolocation software I’ve used with a hub.

So my wife and my location is consistently around the corner from our house. For life 360 as well! Crazy. iOS issue I guess.

I've had the location issue only once. I've had other flaky and unrepeatable location issues. One thing to try is to reset the iOS location & privacy settings.

To reset go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset Location & Privacy. When your location and privacy settings are reset, apps will stop using your location until you grant them permission.

Well tried that, now I've got to agree to 100 things in every app lol.
Just a few hours later it started jumping me around again on the map.
It's so weird, it seems like my wife's phone is doing the same thing.
Governmental spy satellite transmissions overhead.