HomeKit integration breaks approximately every day


Platform version:
Hardware version: C-7

I'm using the Apple HomeKit integration app. I've found all the devices go "No Response" nearly every day. This is true despite me enabling the "restart hourly" option. I've found I have to restart the entire Hubitat device for it to recover from this failure mode.

This has become a serious drag. Is there anything to do?

Here is a possible work around. I think after playing with it more he has it doing the ping test only every 6 hours now and still working. Its possibly overly complicated what he came up with, might be as easy as having a virtual switch you just flip on and off every hour to keep the connection alive.

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I’m having this exact same issue on both my C7 and C8 Pro hubs. Will try the ping trick and report back.

@thebearmay wrote a small device driver that allows you to schedule a HomeKit service restart whenever you like. I run it at 4:30am everyday via RM. I found the hourly option in HE caused more issues than it solved, and my feedback to the team that every 24 hours was ideal, apparently fell on deaf ears.


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Been running the “ping” every 6 hours since April 30 (see link above) and have had ZERO “no response” issues.

The daily service restart solved it for me too.

This has got me thinking. I have never had issues with unresponsive Hubitat devices on either of my hubs in Apple Home, but I have about a dozen automations setup in Apple home. They’re mostly for virtual presence sensors, but I have 4 kids and someone is always coming or going. I wonder if you could get away with only having the switch automation in the Home app.

We use SIRI a lot to control lights, garage door, locks, etc., but still got regular “no response” lockups until started the ping/ack. YMMV

Same for us.

The only automation I have in HK is for the presence-related virtual switch for me & the wife, and there are stretches were we're both home for a couple/few days, so those switches don't see guaranteed daily use.

I've never had a HK unresponsive event (that I know of!), so I'm definitely curious to hear what finally resolves this for folks.

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Another data point to drive you all crazy. I have 7 hubs with HomeKit Integration. None of them get in the unresponsive state. None of them have the 1 hour restart enabled.


Hi @dJOS,
I am having the same problems and I am attempting to use your fix and mirror what you have.
That being said I am not seeing anything listed under actions that would allow me to use push() on HomeKit Restart Service.

Did you add a virtual switch to make that appear?
Also under the local variables I am not showing a device in the drop down for the type and the closest thing I was able to get was string.

I am clearly doing something wrong and am new to the habitat/smart home world


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The button device type is actuator.

Just use the “Run custom action” option Rule Machine.