Homekit "Apple Home" says the accessory is not responding

I have enabled HomeKIt Integration (Beta) and was able to control my accessories (dimmers, switches) through Apple Home.

However - quite frequently - Apple Home will say that "This accessory is not responing" about the Hubitat bridge. And if i "restart the integration", it gets fixed but then after an indeterminate amount of time (but frequently) it goes back into the "This accessory is not responding" state.

I am tired of going to the admin conole and restarting the HomeKit Bridge Integration. Anyone else facing this? What is the permanent fix here so My apple home does not keep disconnecting with the bridge (fwiw, I also have a google nest home speaker and it has had a robust connection iwth the bridge)


There are several threads covering this. Many are having issues and many are not. A lot seems to depend on whether you updated to the 'New Homekit Architecture' in the Home app. It caused a lot of problems and Apple withdrew it, but those who already updated are stuck with it.

In general just make sure you have the 'relaxed pairing' option selected in the Hubitat Homekit integration.

And please keep in mind that the Homekit app is a public beta. It could be sometime before it's working for everyone with issues ironed out.

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I did see the other thread you refer to - but his problem seems different.

I am able to fix things temporarily by restarting the homekit integration but then after some time it stops responding.

I am not on IOS 16.2 yet and so am not upgraded to the "new homekit architecture". So that's not it either.

I am going to review the "relaxed pairing" option you mention, once i am in the hubitat wifi and will re-post to this group.

Would be great to get this working as - siri integration is a gamechanger to control your devices through voice.

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Remember though this is in BETA right now and devs are doing their best to work out the bugs as they find them. As for me I'm on 16.2 but not the new architecture and things have been smooth (I use relaxed security) also uncheck anything being exported as a button to see if that helps.

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I just realized that relaxed pairing is probably equivalent to “insecure mode” on Homebridge, which I know is the default for HB.

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