HomeKit all Hubitat devices say “No Response”

All devices are still working in Hubitat but they do not work in HomeKit. This is using the new beta app.

I’ve removed the integration and rebuilt and re added it in HomeKit several times. My HomeKit should be running the new architecture.

I noticed the issue yesterday afternoon. The only environmental change made was that I added a new Apple TV. To the mix. I made sure to update the Apple TV to the latest firmware but that didn’t help.

Any direction at all would really be helpful. I’m also running the latest available firmware.

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Had the same problem with my Apple TV after updating, I unplugged the Apple TV waited 5 minutes plugged back in and everything thing worked.

This is normally due to the Apple 'bridge' aka Apple TV etc having a problem

I’ve already power cycled my Apple TV, but I have multiple and several home pod minis when I kill one the the environment just shifts to another device. Are you recommending killing all Apple devices for 5 min then powering back on to see if it resolves the issue?

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@tonywc - There’s an extensive thread over here. This started happening to me after I updated to the new architecture, and for some reason it was a motion sensor causing the issue. I could be coincidental that it started with the Apple TV.

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@tonywc Turn on relaxed security at the bottom of the integration then restart the integration. Also make sure you're on the latest platform.

Yes power cycle all devices. There was a recent update to IOS 16 which is causing issues for people.


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So I removed everything wiped all my ATVs deleted my home in HomeKit and rebuilt and still nothing works. Everything still says no response.

Is relaxed security on?

Are homekit and hubitat on the same subnet?

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I turned on relaxed security and everything started working. What is going on with that? How much do I compromise my security by flipping that switch on? Will this be something we can turn back on once the 16.2 architecture mess is resolved?

The relaxed security skips some parts of a handshake routine between a HomeKit home hub (Apple TV or HomePod) and Hubitat hub. In theory, if there's a HomeKit home hub on a local network that hasn't previously been paired with a Hubitat hub, that home hub could still control Hubitat devices.

Yeah, it's a temporary workaround until 16.2 issues are fixed.

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