Homebridge v2 Homekit Help

Hello all,

Sorry to post but I've spent HOURS trying to figure this out and it's driving me crazy!

Running hubitat c7 with homebridge v2 plugin.

My problem is, I can't find a homekit code or any way to add this "hub" into the homekit app as a hub. Not code to add, no nothing that I can find. What on earth am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

You probably mean this homebridge integration?

There are a couple of them. Assuming you mean this one, have you followed the instructions in the dev’s GitHub repo? There is a link in the first post of the thread.

Yes, that's the one and I've been looking at the instructions for hours. How can I add the homebridge hub to the home app (as a hub).

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When you log in to your homebridge server there should be a QR code. Scan it with your camera.


On your Home App on an iPad or iPhone - click on the "+" and go to "add accessory" then scan the barcode @sidjohn1 mentioned.

Note: You cannot do this on a macbook pro or other mac computers as I found out.. just devices running IOS.

edit: it will start to walk you through adding / configuring all the devices you have exposed in HomeBridge which is kind of a pain.

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Thanks guys, I got it. Stupidly I didn't have a homebridge going. I now speaks with hoobs and works fine.


I’m having the same issue as eweber. I don’t know how to get homebridge running to get the QR code. Clearly I am missing a step. How do I get the homebridge server running to get to the webpage with the QR code. It is not obvious to me!

Did you follow the instructions in the GitHub repo from the link in makrtheknife’s post?