Homebridge V2 and modes, Bug?

I installed Homebridge V2 on my Hubitat and setup a Hubitat (PI) server along with the Homebridge Hubitat Tonesto7) plugin. I started off small and added 27 Hue bulbs.

Later, I decided to add my 9 modes. Once I did the first 5 (alphabetical order) hue bulbs disappeared from the Homebridge Accessories tab. All 9 modes just added appeared within the default room.

On my iPhone Home app, I noticed that only 4 of the 9 Modes were present, however, the 5 missing hue bulbs have become switches (& behave like a mode) and appear along side the other 4 modes.

When I remove all modes from within the Homebridge V2 app the 5 missing bulbs re-appear both in the Homebridge Accessories tab and the iPhone Home. They have also reverted back to bulbs.

I have no idea why this is happening and I am assuming its a bug.

UPDATE: I added 9 new modes to my Hubitat hub and tried adding them into Homebridge. No problems. I then deleted my original 9 modes within Hubitat, renamed the new modes using old modes names, reassigned modes accordingly to Hubitat apps then (re)added these new modes to Homebridge. No problems. Still doesnt explain the original problem