Homebridge for Homekit

I am wanting to use Apple Homekit app to control lock on door, garage door etc. So i did some searches on here to read up on about it.

I do have AppleTV so that will be my remote hub if I understand from what I read here and that I will also need to set up a Homebridge

I have a RasPi which was formally running Home Assistant before I brought Hubitat that I could reformat to use for as a homebridge.

I notice there are several way to install Homebridge on Raspi even there is an app on Apple store which cost 7 dollar to do it for you.

My question is does it matter what method you choose to install Homebridge on Raspi with work with Hubitat or is there is specific installer i need to use for Hubitat?

That app on Apple store make it look easy to install and configure homebridge on Raspi, anyone tried the app? is it worth the 7 bucks?

Take a look at HOOBS. It is a very easy way to install and manage HomeBridge on a Raspberry Pi. You can download a free image to load on a SD memory card. It really makes it simple. If you like it, consider making a donation to keep HOOBS supported for a long time.

You’ll want to use @dan.t’s Hubitat Maker API HomeBridge plug-in. It works very well.


HOOBS is a great leap in making Homebridge easier to configure.


HOOBS then it is

Thanks everyone. I will go install it tonight


Thank you @ogiewon and @keithcroshaw. I was able to get it up running under an hour.

Both recommendations were easy to set up and configured.


Nice! Glad to hear it is working for you.

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I couldn't access my home today from the Homekit app on my iPhone. I assume I may have missed a step to link Homebridge to my Apple TV box?

I did enable the hub in Apple TV thou.

What model is your Apple TV? It may need to be an Apple TV 4 these days, but I am not 100% sure. Is it logged in with the same account as your phone?

There is not an extra step, that I know of, to link the Apple TV to HomeBridge.

It is 4 and I am logged in with the same iCloud account as it is on my iPhone .. I will check again when I get home.

I check again and it's working remotely. ... Maybe my home internet was down for a bit today ...

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