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I'm using an old Nighthawk 6700 for my home router. Recently my OpenVPN software stopped connecting to it because of the TLS level.

It has been a pretty solid device but it's old and it's time to move on I think. Things I'd like to get from a new system.

Works with OpenVPN
Mesh System for extensibility
Integrated DHCP server that does not require a reboot every time you add an address.
Multiple WiFi SSID's
I'm happy to use one generation behind cutting edge as long as it is reliable.
Something in the moderate price range preferred.

What are people using for their home mesh that is reasonably priced?

Perhaps the best one that I've ever seen is the ubiquiti lineup, with the udm pro, being the introductory router.
I have a personal fondness for the Asus line of routers.
Cost concious people go with tp-link.


I have TP-Link Deco X55 mesh routers. They have lots of different Deco models in different price ranges. I believe they meet all your criteria, and have other features like Matter support, white and black list access control, parental controls, Ethernet or wireless backhaul between Deco units, etc.

A secondary benefit is that the Deco app used to configure and manage the Decos also manages and controls Kasa smart plugs, bulbs, etc. For example, I have a Kasa smart plug on my Hubitat power supply so I can cycle power to the Hubitat after it gracefully shutsdown during power outage. My fiber gateway and Deco routers are all on UPS so they continue operating during power outage. So one app serves multiple purposes.


Do you use the Pro version? I see quite a few comments regarding their stability and unexpected reboots. Have you seen anything like that?

I like the brand but a bit pricey for me.

I do not have the Pro version. I have not had any stability issues nor frequent reboots.

TP-Link has been updating the firmware on mine and other Deco models regularly since I purchased them over a year ago. They keep adding new features which may be a blessing and a curse, if it contributes to instability but I haven’t seen it.

Pretty sure that ASUS routers tick each of those boxes. I’ve never tried any of their mesh systems, though.

Also the Deco offers separate SSID for main Wifi, guest Wifi and IOT wifi. you can choose to isolate each device from accessing other devices on your network.

Thanks everyone. I decided to go with the Deco as it seems to check the boxes plus it's a great price on Amazon, $130 plus tax for a 3 pack.


the UDMP is currently $100 off (minus WiFi APs)

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I've been in the same position lately. I think it's about time to upgrade my network. I was thinking about going the Ubiquity route, but one problem there is I use POE to power my hubs, and They don't play well with C8's using POE. That being said, I have also thought about the UniFi Express as well as possibly going with Zyxel. As anyone used either of those?

Me three. I am watching this thread. As I need to upgrade as well.

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TP-Iink is not very zigbee friendly in their Deco mesh systems. The 2.4 GHz channel is not selectable on the Deco. In addition, it defaults to being 40 MHz in width, and this cannot be changed either. Put together, this sharply increases the probability of zigbee/WiFi conflicts.

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The Unifi Express was just released in November.

it is also Sold Out as of this posting.

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I was ready to buy one to replace my EdgerouterX until I read that it can only control 4 other Unifi devices. I have 2 APs and 5 switches.

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aaiyar. Correct. But previous generations of TP-Link routers could be changed to desired 2.4 Channel and 40/80 Mhz using the Tether app. Perhaps if made a request on TP-Link support or community site with enough customers backing could get them to add those features.

I believe you may have been looking at users who elected to use Early Release (beta) software. Some Early Releases can be very buggy. The latest Early Release was not fun (yep.. I am on Early Release and sometimes I kick myself for selecting that option) :slight_smile:

Overall, Official Releases are very stable. I don't experience anything as you described.

My understanding is that TP-Link have declined to add either feature to any of their Deco systems (at least from reading their community forum). These features are still offered in their standalone WiFi routers.

Ideally, a WiFi mesh system that is zigbee friendly will permit 2.4 GHz channel selection, and permit the 2.4 GHz channel to be restricted to 20 MHz width. Over the last 2-3 years, we’ve seen a number of cases of zigbee mesh networks unexpectedly failing after installing a Deco mesh.


I saw that. That’s why I figure I have some time to do more research. I can see going beyondu that 5 Unifi device limit, but I think it will be a while. This might be a chance for me to play with Unifi without sinking a ton in money into an experiment.

Would I be able to use it (at least initially ) with an non Unifi POE switch.

I would assume you could use a non Unifi POE switch but it would be a device where you could not manage it or the ports. You would not be able to manage VLANS or POE per individual port though UniFi. You also need to check POE requirements before adding any UniFi equipment such as APs to it.