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Currently have the Emporia Vue Energy Monitor. its a WiFi setup. Does anybody know if there is a way to tie it into the Hubitat? Has 16 circuit monitors that can show Realtime power usage.

Smart Home Energy Monitor with 16 50A Circuit Level Sensors | Vue - Real Time Electricity Monitor/Meter | Solar/Net Metering

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Emporia Renewable Energy Corp

I wonder if GIT-HUB might have one.

For those of you familiar with Python or Docker, the open-source Vuegraf project allows you to pull all metrics from the vue service and store them into your own InfluxDB and build graphs in Grafana. You can set alarms to trigger when certain thresholds are breached. Search the Internet for vuegraf and it should be the first result.

If not what do you guys use? have had 2 hubs working great with HUE hub, many iris devices, doorlocks quick set, etc etc.
Used Aeon before for energy but only gave me total usages.
If I'm in the wrong area can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you

This is available

That said, if you type emporia into the search bar a lot comes up. Personally I want more triggers so I use iotawatt (available at www.iotawatt.com) It's fantastic and has a community driver.,...

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I second Iotawatt. I bought one and couldn't be happier.


I third Iotawatt device as well as ogiewon's driver: [Release] IoTaWatt Power Monitor Driver v0.1.20220103

We had severe undervoltage that I only realized because solar wasn't producing anything on a nice day and I finally figure out the voltage was out of spec so far the inverter shut down. I called power company and the repair guys were amazed I could tell them the voltage from my phone while they're probing the mains with a meter and getting the same #s.


IotaWatt is my latest added toy.
I am very happy with this device.


Love IotaWatt!



Thank you so much for linking this! It’s exactly what I need for the “Generator” project my husband wants me to take on. His goal is to get an alert whenever

  1. Our generator changes states
  2. Send us Text Alerts when we reach ‘x’% of power usage. So, for example, when we reach 50-79% and then again at >= 80%
    Edit: 3. I just thought of turning off either the washing machine or dryer instead through a smart relay.

It would be nice I suppose to look at our power usage in general, but he really just wants the alerts during times of outages.

I’m hoping you’ve undertaken something like this and I can steal some of your ideas. I was thinking of a vibration sensor to know when it’s kicked on (so, if it’s been vibrating for like 1.5 minutes for example).

I’m a little concerned about the rule for power usage %. In my mind, the rules would be below, but I also feel like this isn’t the best way since wouldn’t it be constantly polling for something that probably wont happen for potentially days?

Trigger: Vibration sensor active
Wait: 1.5 minutes
If current state of Generator Virtual Activator is inactive:
Action: ‘Generator is ON’ text message
Action: Activate Generator Virtual Activator
Trigger: Generator Virtual Device inactive
Wait: 30s
Action: Turn off generator (maybe?)
Action: ‘Generator is OFF’ text message
Trigger: Generator Virtual Device is active
Wait: Power usage between 50-79%
Action: ‘You are using x% of generator output’ text message
Wait: Power usage between 80-89%
Action: ‘You are using y% of generator output. Please check reports.’

Why not just use a relay instead? If relay active on generator for 1.5 mins, send text? Be easier than doing a vibration sensor. A shelley, mhcozy, or zen 16/17 would do.

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I've tied into the transfer switch on my Generac standby aircooled generator. There's a builtin switch in the transfer switch enclosure that indicates whether the feed is utility or generator.

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When you say you tied in, you’re saying the transfer switch on your Generac already has a smart switch that you just added to your hub? Or do you mean you added a smart relay at the transfer switch?

Yes. I believe I'm using a Zooz ZEN17.

The transfer switch has some built in dry contacts for stuff like letting an alarm system know, turning on a light, siren, etc.

The hub sends out Pushover notifications, I haven't found an SMS solution, yet, but the Generac already does that via its WiFi-based Mobile Link.

Also, it does stuff like turn on some certain lights when it switches to generator or utility. The generator is on the far end of the garage and we don't hear it when in bed. Also, if the house is running on a portable generator, it helps to know when utility power returns.

Of course, I've forgotten which lights. I now have an Ecolink Chime Siren that talks to me know though, lol.

I've got battery backup for the relay, router, modem, and hub.

Along with the Aeotec HEM, I have an old TED unit on the kitchen, (The Energy Detective 2001, I think), that works over power line carrier, that just chugs away displaying the house power consumption. It's not smart, but then again, it doesn't need wifi, hub, battery, etc.