Hisense TV (Google TV version) has a "Consumer Electronic Control" Menu w/

Separate enable/disable options for:

Serial/IP Control Port
Control4 Control Port

Any creative or experienced thoughts on how those might be able to be used from HE ? These menu items aren't on the Android/Google side of things, they are all Hisense.

(I'm struck that there would be an explicit port for Control4,
like there's no other market Home Automation players out there. I guess maybe there's a special Control4 module for interfacing to TVs)

Hisense has a development note on GitHub. Basically, a MQTT broker built into the TV (?).

Many of our developers are familiar with MQTT and there is an MQTT interface built-in (MQTT Interface | Hubitat Documentation).

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Thanks for that !

I have a Hisense google tv but I dont see anyting about ports.... where did you find this?

Look on GitHub for Hisense TV. PS, they also make a lot of other appliances (I wonder if thay all have the built-in MQTT?). Soundbars, air conditioners, refrigs, microwaves, ....

That's pretty cool... As someone that uses MQTT * a lot * that could actually sway me over to buying their TV instead of another comparative TV in that range.

EDIT: Never mind, looks like recently HiSense has locked down the MQTT on newer TVs, and I'm not interested in playing a cat and mouse game when Roku TVs are available at the same quality/price point and have a published API to connect/use remotely.


Ya I think thats the case for me..... the port referenced is closed when I check with nmap.

Dashboard - Settings(gear) - Channels & Inputs

Did you find it ? (This is a U7K Hisense running the Android/Google 12 OS)

Serial/IP Control Port
When set to ON, the serial/IP control port can be used.

EDIT: Just set the above to ON.

Scanning the TV's IP I see the following services listed-
(EDIT3: wonder if this opens up any control options androidtvremote2 ยท PyPI )

and the following ports- (some of which may be not so good to see open !)
7000 file server itself, msdos | file server
8088 Radan HTTP
9001 etlservicemgr | Tor ORPort | ETL Service

EDIT2: Toggling on/off the Serial/IP port and the Control4 port mattered not on these port exposures.

setting isnt there and nmap gives

8008/tcp open http
8009/tcp open ajp13
8443/tcp open https-alt
9000/tcp open cslistener
36669/tcp closed unknown