Here is what iam talking about the screwy zwave routing

My front door lock was working fine.. and then it decided to change the route (why it was 1 ms)
it is a zwave 910 or 912 kwikset lock.
there is a zwave plus embrighten switch 4 feet from it..

then it decided to use the same type of switchs one in the guest room again as far from the hub as the lock is on the other side, then to the sunroom light again past the hub in a triangle..

why did it decide to change routes in the first place and also why use the other switches when there are two right next to it also embrighten zwave plus s2 switches.

Now it is not working.. That is why I switched one out for zigbee one..
Now I guess ill have to do the same for the other.

Not sure why it stopped working, but it looks like it did change route, since it was at a -105, not sure what the new signal strength is. Z-wave has logic built in that figures the best pattern to build stable meshes, and many times it will take routes we don't understand, due to environmental factors, radio wave reflections, and adsorption of surrounding materials, and many other factors.

If you can be patient, I'm sure Hubitat will have some z-wave improvements coming out.
In the meantime a great guide is here:

my network was pretty good and worked for years with smarthings.. i have replaced all zwave switches and light switches with zwave plus, also all motion and door and water are now zwave plus as is my water valve.. the only old zwave devices are now the garage door openers.

actually the minimotes also are std zwave, hard to replace those.