Heltun Z-Wave Relay Switch quinto (5 channel) HE-RS01


I have the need for one of these:

It's basically five relays in one device. I'm fairly new to Hubitat and smart home devices, but I assume that I need to write my own driver for this, since the generic relay driver only controls one relay.

Is anyone else working on a driver for this? Or would any experienced driver developer be interested in pointing me in the right direction? I have basic coding skills, and have understood I'm supposed to check out the documentation for smartthings drivers. I'll start there while waiting for comments on this thread :blush:

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Yes.. I am :wink:

Powered up on my desk now actually

Sorry wrong one.. I have that one too, haven’t opened the box yet..

Sweet!! Is there anything I can do to help the progress on the Quinto? I imagine you have a lot of other things to work on also :blush:. If you have a foundation maybe I could fork it and try to add parameters from the device documentation?

Ah, so it seem like the switch panel is an RS01 with a built in touch panel for each of the five relays. So once you've got the panel up and running, the RS01 should be very easy to get going.

Again, if there's anything I can do to help I would love to. This is the final piece in my automated watering system :blush::sun_with_face::sweat_drops:

@bcopeland any news on this one? If this is not a priority for you, do you have any code draft that I could use as a base to try around a bit? Or any pointer on how to get started on a driver from scratch.


It is in 2.2.9 which is in beta now..


Doesn't look like this is available in the US?

Not currently

Thanks a million! I got 2.2.9 yesterday, and have now successfully controlled my watering pipelines with hubitat :smiley:

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@bcopeland it seems like this device doesn’t report the on/off state correctly. I can turn all five switches on and off, but the state always says “off”. Do you think there might be a bug in the driver, or can you think of anything I might have done wrong to get this error?

Or if anyone could have an idea on how to further troubleshoot this error, that would be greatly appreciated :pray:t2:

Been a bit since I looked at this one.. It worked when I tested it.. But will re-test

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Yeah, I also got the impression that it worked in the beginning. Not sure why it's no longer working for me :frowning:

Did you have time to test this yet? If it works for you, do you have any idea what might be causing my issue?

same here... not working....

So here's a more detailed description of my issue:

In the web interface on [MY-HUBITAT-IP]/devices/edit/[DEVICE-ID] I can access each switch and control the On/Off state. However, the "Current states" keeps displaying "switch: off" even when it's clearly on (the device it is controlling is turned on).

I also have a dashboard with a tile with the template "Switch". When opening the dashboard, this tile always displays "off" even when the switch is actually on. If the switch is actually off, and I click the tile to turn it on, the switch turns on, but the tile turns into an hourglass. The hourglass stays there until I reload the page or open the dashboard again. If I do so, the tile again is visualized as "off" even though the actual switch is still on. In this case I can click it once to turn it into an hourglass (actual switch is still on) and when it's an hourglass I can click it again to turn the actual switch off, but then the tile still displays an hourglass until the next reload of the dashboard.

Any pointers in what could be wrong and what I could do to fix the issue would be greatly appreciated :pray:

So I removed the device from my network and then added it again. It seems to be working now.

Hey @wentzel @APKLEIN
This is Lucy from HELTUN Support
Could you please let me know if the issue is resolved?

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Thanks for checking in here on the forum @HeltunSupport !

I solved it by excluding and including the device. Not sure why it stopped working in the first place though. You'll hear from me if it happens again :wink:

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