Help with Zigbee network Sengled E1C-NB7


I’m trying to get a handle on what’s going on with my devices and I’m left scratching my head, so any help would be appreciated.

I set up 10 Zigbee Aeotec water sensors, a EcoNet Z Wave shutoff valve and 30 Sengled Zigbee outlets.

I tested all of the water sensors earlier in the day and all shut off the valve so I created a rule using RuleMachine. I tested all of the plugs and all turned on or off, I just had to hit refresh on some to get the correct status, so I created a rule using RoomLightening.

The next day, I tried to turn the lights on and off and none of them are respond to commands online nor would some sensors shut off the valve. I’ve rebooted the hub multiple times and nothing. I’ve tried changing the driver from Generic Outlet to Generic Switch but it didn’t work.

I did some investigating on the water sensors last night and discovered, for some reason, the rule I created using RuleMachine must’ve not been playing nice with the sensors, but when I created a new one using Basic Rules the sensors that wouldn’t shut off the valve only a few minutes earlier worked.

Is this possible? Did I use the wrong app to create my rule?

I then thought this could be the issue with the Zigbee plugs, so I used Basic Rules with them also, but they’re still in the same non responsive state.

Any suggestions on what I can try would be appreciated. Since I have 30 of them, replacing them isn’t an option.


Are all your sengled outlets unresponsive or just a subset of them?

Can you do this:

  1. Temporarily disable all your apps/rules.
  2. Put all the outlets on the same driver - "Generic Zigbee Outlet" is appropriate.
  3. Click "Configure" on the device page for each outlet.
  4. Shutdown your hub from the settings menu.
  5. Disconnect power from the hub for 30 minutes. While doing this, disconnect power from the outlet end, and not the hub's microUSB connector.
  6. Then power the hub back up again. Wait ~10 minutes, and check whether:
    a) Each outlet responds to being controlled from its device page.
    b) Whether each outlet's state changes without any need to use Refresh.
    c) Whether each outlet's state on the device page changes when you manually control the outlet

And then report back. Let's not worry about your apps (rules) until your Sengled outlets are working.

Also, tagging @support_team


This would be my first recommendation.


All of them. Would this be the “pause rule” button ?

Yes disable all apps/rules. Here’s how you do it:

Okay, thanks.

I will try this.

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Okay, it’s still the same.

Can you expand on this please? What does that mean?

  1. Are all the outlets unresponsive, or a subset?
  2. If there's a subset responsive, do they send events to the hub?

Yes, all of them are unresponsive.

Okay. And to be clear, you had put your zigbee mesh into panic mode for 30 minutes by powering the hub off, correct? Not just a shutdown, but actually removing power for that length of time?

Assuming you did the latter, let's try pairing one outlet back to the hub.

Reset the outlet that is closest to the hub, and put the hub into zigbee discovery mode. Does the outlet pair back using its original name?

And is it now controllable from the device page?

Yes, I powered down by removing the plug from the wall.

It says “found one previously joined device” and then its name.

Do I click on its name and then delete the original?

Okay, I clicked on the name of the sensor during pairing and it opened up that devices page. The outlet is now showing its correct status without having to press update. Also, it’s turning on and off.

Is there a reason why this happened? I’d hate to have to do this to 29 more only to have it happen again since it took me half a day to originally pair them.

Don't know why it happened - perhaps you added too many too soon?. However, you will have to repeat this for the others. But I would do no more than 5-6 per hour. Also, I would re-pair in the outlets in order of their distance from the hub.

Meaning do those closer to the hub first?

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We're going to try to make your zigbee mesh robust with these outlets, before re-pairing your leak sensors.

But the leak sensors are working.

We're going to confirm that after the outlet re-pairing is done. I suspect some of them will drop off.

Okay, does the hub act a repeater? The outlets, themselves, are not marketed as being able to repeat. I ask this because if they don’t repeat wouldn’t those outlets furthest from the hub be compromised? If so, should I move the hub centrally located in the house?

The hub is a coordinator that can maximally connect to 32 devices.

Those Sengled outlets are supposed to be repeaters. But we’re going to confirm that.

Can you paste a screenshot of this page:


Okay, thanks. Link didn’t work.

Also, is there a specific channel that my 2.4 network should be on. I have Verizon Fios and two Fios extenders.