Help with status reporting using tasmota

hey all,
So I have a sonoff sv configured to open/close garage door. Ive used the most recent updated tasmota HE developed by one of our own here in the community. I also have a reed switch set up but I can not get it to report status. I've sent commands through the tasmota console so it will report open/closed when reed sensor is open/closed but the status does not report with hubitat. The garage does open and close properly through HE. So thats fine. But I can't get it to tell me if garage door is open or closed using the reed switch. I imagine im missing some sort of code or driver to do so? Please please please help??

Thansk all

Hey Steve. Coincidentally, I'm another Steve with exactly the same problem. I have my Sonoff SV able to control my garage but I have no idea how to get the reed switch to report. Did you ever work it out? I see you got no replies, which is a bit sad.

Sadly that's correct.... I got no replies and no I could not, after spending alot of time trying to do so, get the Reed switch incorporated into my sonoff garage door set up.
Wish I had better news. Sorry partner.... maybe someone will see the recent activity on this post and help us out.
I put the project aside as I was getting no where and spending alot of time doing it.

Ok, I've figured it out with a little help from a guide produced by @jchurch where he used a Wemos to do the same thing using the T4HE drivers. I might actually create a new thread with instructions on how I set the whole thing up. I can now happily control the door as well as monitor the reed switch connected to the SV.

For anyone interested, I've posted a guide here on my working setup.