Help with Rule for resetting power

I would like some help with how to setup a rule that monitor my IP Cameras.
If the camera is not pingable have the rule reset the outlet until the camera comes back online.


Would this help you?
Maybe turn on a switch that triggers a rule to reset the outlet.
Have a look it may work for you.

I looked at that but could figure out how to power the switch off and back on until the camera is responding.

maybe it's just time for a new camera

You would use pinger to turn on a virtual switch (or a real switch if desired). Then in another rule toggle the power to the camera off and back on when the virtual switch is on. And finally turn the virtual switch off.

Ever since I started pinging my troublesome camera every 15 minutes it has stayed online.

Thanks Dan,

I will try the virtual switch trick and see if that will work .