Help with Power Loss - Safe Hub Shutdown Rule

Just purchased the Ring Range Extender which works great and sends me notification of Power Loss and restoration using the Notification App. I have my HE and my Router on a UPS backup and here's what I would like to do: If the power is off for say 30 minutes, perform a Safe Hub Shutdown. My RM expertise is somewhat limited but I follow instructions well... :slight_smile:

Here's what mine looks like:

EDIT: I realized after I posted that I hadn't converted this rule to the 'sleek' design. It is now 'sleek.'

Since I have hub security enabled, I can't use the http POST method, so I'm using the Hub Controller Driver from here: [RELEASE] Hubitat Hub Controller .

I do power loss notifications in another rule (that encompasses more Range Extenders than just this one,) so you would have to add notification if you so desire.

Of course, I don't think I've had a prolonged power outage since the one where I depleted the main UPS battery and had an uncontrolled shutdown, but I have tested it successfully.

If anybody's curious, the 12 hour delay comes from me using a dedicated UPS/power bank for the HE hub. It's this one from Amazon: . I've tested it beyond 24 hours of uptime.


Thanks CARL. So if I'm reading this right I can replace your trigger with my Ring Device, put my hub info in and change the delay to 30 minutes....

I like yours as well JB_TX. Thanks also

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If your UPS has support for the NUT UPS driver over ethernet, @ritchierich's NUT UPS Device driver will let you see the battery status and write shutdown rules based on that instead of a blind guess for how long the UPS battery will hold. Here's my RM rule:

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Thanks vreihen, but it doesn't. Its a cheap one. :slight_smile:


I'm using Cobra's free "power off shutdown" app. Very easy to set up. Works with the Ring extender. Allows you to say how many minutes to shutdown hub after power lost. Also allows notifications AND allows message to be sent if power restored before shutdown. Also a 3rd message can be sent before shutdown. My last message just confirms power shutdown in 5 minutes. Nice safe and easy way to shutdown your hub in a power failure and perfect for a person with limited RM experience. You should check out Cobra's new site and his support is FANTASTIC

Thanks! wasn't aware of it.

A few hubitat members help me use RM, but found Cobra's app perfect for my needs. ALSO, remember, once hub shuts down, the only way to boot it up is to UNPLUG the hub. It wont automatically boot up when power restored. If your at home, thats not a problem but if your not home, this simple Sonos usb wifi plug works great! I attached it to my hub then to the APC battery backup. When power is restored, i use the app to turn off the hub power, then back on and boom, hub reboots when your away from home. Very inexpensive about $10USD on Amazon.
SONOFF Micro USB Smart WiFi Adaptor 5V, Smart Switch for Type A USB Devices, Compatible with Alexa & Google Home Assistant,APP Remote Control Switch, Voice Control, Timer Function, No Hub Required

Thanks again!

For the Cobra app, you have to sign up, but after that just click on APPs, then SECURITY then scroll down to POWER OFF SHUTDOWN. and copy parent app, child app and driver one at a time and paste each in appropriate Apps code and Drivers code in Hubitat

Thanks! Will give it a try.