Help with Motion Rule(Solved)

I am making a rule to turn on the Utility Room light if there is motion after sunset. What I want to do is turn on the lights at 10% if someone is walking through and to turn on the lights at 100% if motion lasts for 30 seconds. The 100% is for the wife is she is doing laundry or something.
Here is what I have so far.

I would like some suggestions as to what to add for the 100% if lights on for more than 30 seconds.

if motion is inactive then light to 10% cancel delayed actions
If motion is active then light to 100 percent delay 30 seconds cancelable.

However, are you taking into account the amount of time that the motion sensor takes to reset back to inactive. It might be more than 30 seconds. Some sensors can take up to 4 minutes to show inactive.

well, in your case it would be off at inactive.

I was afraid of the active to inactive delay. I am looking into how long it takes. Thanks for the info.

Could put a contact sensor on something that she would open and/or get into to trigger the light to 100% then you'd only need to worry about turning it off when motion and contact were both in their idle places? Just a thought according to your use case. If you observer your family's habits, perhaps this might be more realistic as opposed to trying to figure out the timing?

Or a second motion above the washer area, one in the aisle brings the lights on dim, and the second will bring them on bright.

There is a description to make a motion more of a trip sensor (narrow beam) in a recent discussion here.

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WOW It takes 3min 30sec for the sensor to reset to inactive. I already thought about the contact sensor thing, not sure what to do about that. Maybe on the washer lid. hahaha

probably get knocked off .. we just need a moment of creativity here to make this work. What else is there? Is it just laundry room? Or are there other reasons to be in there? Other than passing through.

Upload a quick sketch of the area, and we might have some ideas.

In some areas I used motion across the room, so any motion anywhere triggered automations. And in other cases I have aimed motion sensors straight down or done the narrow beam thing to limit motion sensing to a certain area. They both have their use cases.

+1 for @neonturbo "beam sensor" ours works great to only triggers when you cross an exact line.

But I'm also thinking "Tilt Sensor" (anything with a y/x axis or acceleration sensor) Get 2 when either the washer lid or drier door move, turn light to 100% for X minutes, return to dim if motion.

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Just curious, what sensor are you using? I've never seen a Zigbee sensor take this long, and every Z-Wave sensor I've used has a configuration parameter to set this interval (usually allowing options that are much lower or higher than this, though the lower ones aren't always a great idea...). Just something else to consider! I would probably look at the above, though, because 30-60 seconds tends to be the low end on most sensors and that might still not be fast enough for what you want. :slight_smile:

You have to go through the Utility Room to get out the back door and into the family room and basement. Only other things in there are dryer and stand up freezer. I could have her wander into the stairway to the basement and activate that motion sensor. Set up the rule so if both are activated turn the lights up. It's only a few steps. I think I will give that a try.

It's an older Zwave Ecolink PIR something or other.

WAF will decline. I wouldn't recommend those extra steps. Let's give this more thought


Contact sensor on the door? I have an idea! I'm driving stand by

There is no door. The only door I have is the Basement door and it is open all the time because the cat litter box is down there.

put a motion sensor on the other side of that door. if the utility room is a pass through then if the 2nd motion sensor does not trip within 30 seconds, then brighten the lights to 100%?
somethign where both motions need to activate or the lights will brighten. is that setup possible?

Providing OP doesn't already have a spare sensor if you are going to add a second motion sensor wouldn't it be better to replace the current one with a configurable timeout?

Yes that would be a good idea. I have been pondering doing just that. I bought those sensors when I started with ST a few years ago.

I am not sure if that is possible but I will look into it.

I have one of those zwave pir motion sensors. They're slow, but the batteries last forever. That's how I knew that some take up for 4 minutes to reset. Please post what you decide to do. I really like to hear how people end up solving their conundrums.

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