Help with motion lighting


I'm new to Hubitat. Had Hue lights for ages, and use them with Hue motion sensors and Hue dimmers. Never had an issue.

Adopted Hubitat as I want to get more functionality, like flashing a bulb if outside temperature hits freezing, flashing another colour if outdoor motion sensor is activated etc.

My first task had been to sort the indoor lightingni have a motion sensor in the lounge, which I can successfully get to turn on lights when motion is detected AND illuminance is below a set level.

I don't want the lights to go brighter if motion is detected when I'm watching a movie with the lights on dim. I cannot seem to find a condition to use to prevent it. All I want to do is ONLY turn on the lights if motion is detected AND they are not already on.

I'm sure I'm missing something really simple, but can't seem to write this out. Can anyone help a hapless newbie please?

That one you may want to do in RM.... Also are you leaving your bulbs on the hue hub?

I've tried using RM as well. Can't seem to find a way of Hub determining if the bulb is switched on or off.

The bulbs are still on the hue bridge, should I take them off there?

No leave them on there. You should be able to use conditions in RM to achieve that. I'll have to test a rule out.

Ok thanks. I just can't figure out how to configure the rule that the lights should only go on it they are not already on....

What I thought would work would be a conditional action that the bulb in the room should be set as a 'switch' 'off'. However, in the rules setup the bulb always reports as on, even when it's not.

If I look in the 'devices' page, the bulb reports correctly as on or off.

Have you read the motion lighting doc? You should be able to do this all within motion lighting. Look at these settings

I also have had much better results using the CoCoHue bridge integration instead of the built in Hue integration.

The rule will not dynamically re-evaluate the current true/false evaluations until you click the "Refresh actions list" button. It might also re-evaluate them when the "main" rule page (with conditions and triggers) is refreshed--it used to and I can't remember what they got rid of to improve performance--but they've never dynamically updated in any case. If your device page is reporting the correct state, you're likely fine, but the above should help with RM if you want to confirm.

Sharing a screenshot of your rule may also be helpful. It sounds like you're on the right track.

Thanks so much for your help guys. I'm reasonably tech savvy for a 50 year old, but I'm struggling to get to grips with the Hubitat system. I think maybe I'm over my head and should just stick with the hue app, even though it doesn't offer me the extra control I would like.

I'll have another stab at this tomorrow when my patience level gets back up to normal and update with my progress.

Thanks for taking the time to try to help me.

Oddly, I tried what I thought wa s the exact same process as I tried yesterday, and today it seems (so far) to be behaving as I thought it should.

The only difference is I'm using the portal on my laptop rather than the app on my iPad, but can't see how that would matter....

Anyway, hopefully it's resolved now, thanks to those who tried to help.

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Hang in there and keep plugging away. With the enhanced features of HE comes more complexity and sometimes the UI isn't all that straightforward, but you will be rewarded for your patience.

I have about 20 bulbs on my Hue hub linked to HE and they really do work pretty well, though I have not tried your specific use case.

Yes Brad, the UI really does take a bit of getting used to, but I'm starting to get an understanding of it now.

I'm just starting ten days isolation as my son just tested positive for covid, so that'll give me plenty of time to play around and get things working how I want. Got to look for the positives!

On the plus side, the helpful and swift responses in the community gives me faith that this is the platform that can work out for me.