Help with Lutron integration

Got my new Smart Bridge Pro today, hooked it up, connected Lutron app and added a Pico. Now trying to add to Hubitat.

So in the Lutron Integrator app I select Create New Caseta/RA2 Integration. Then enter name and IP address ( entered as DHCP reservation in my router). Add device, set up as follows. This is the only device I have added to the Smart Bridge, so should be #2 right?

So far so good...except no events logged when I push any of the Pico buttons. What am I doing wrong?

Pico is added successfully to Lutron app

Did you hit Done in the Lutron Integration app? If so, look at your Devices, and see if the Chris Pico is there. Also, that Lutron Telnet device exists.

Also, better to give your SmartBridge a static IP.

Yes I hit done, and yes I have both Chris Pico and Lutron Telnet devices. Should events be showing under either device, or live logs when I push buttons? I'm seeing nothing in Events or logs currently.

Watch the Lutron Telnet device for traffic, everything flows threw that. If you don't see any, then it isn't setup correctly. Open App and hit Done again.

Also, you can open a Telnet session to the SmartBridge pro separately from the hub. Credentials are username: luton, password: integration. That way you can see if the SmartBridge is working via telnet.

No events under Lutron Telnet device. I just pushed all 5 buttons on the Pico and nothing.

Look at the events for Lutron Telnet. You should see heartbeats if it is connected.

It's not connected. Connect via telnet manually. You have IP wrong, or didn't enable telnet in the Lutron app, or something.

I didn't enable telnet in the Lutron do I do that?

Settings - Advanced - Integration

I don't see a telnet option...

You have a SmartBridge Pro, right?

This is what I ordered...I'll go take a pic of the bridge and make sure I got the right thing...

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How did you know the Pico was ID = 2?

Just a guess since I read in another thread that the hub gets #1

Not a PRO unit. That's the regular SmartBridge. L-BDG2, instead of L-BDGPRO

Check the bridge model, maybe amazon sent the wrong thing

Edit, wrong bridge buddy, return it

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Well f*** me. Is the model listed in the order screenshot correct?

Yes, that's the one you want. Whoever sold it to you ripped you off. Make them eat it. Not as described on Website.

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