Help with ceiling fans and countertop ice maker

I ordered the zigbee components from Home Depot and converted my generic ceiling fans. This was over a year ago, so they may not be available. Call Home Depot customer service 1-800-986-3460. Tell them you have a Gardinier 52” LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan, model #42360. Ask for part J (zigbee receiver), which should be around $32. If you want the remote, ask for part K (remote) $25.


I have had significant reliability issues with the hampton bay zigbee controllers, I second the suggestion of dylan.c for this:

It works like a bond hub. there is an integration and a local API, so even though it is wifi, it is local control. If you have a four wire romex going from the box to the fixture, then there may be other in wall solutions, which I prefer when I can do it, but all of mine are z-wave.

Does everything "bond" work locally with Hubitat? I've never heard of bond as always assumed wifi devices are just not going to work with Hubitat.

Yes, but you first need to set it up via the cloud on the Bond app. Once you do that, you go into the app and get the local IP address and an access token. Plug those into the HE app and it's all local from there. You can still use the Bond app on your phone if you desire, but it's not necessary,

Wow, this is awesome news. Thanks

What driver are you using?

I’m using the “Hampton Bay Zigbee Fan Controller” driver

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I just ordered one to try in my porch fan... How do you put it into pairing mode and what do you set the dip switches at?

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