Help with a device error message

Sorry if this is a noob type question but can someone help me figure out how to correct this error message I keep getting when reviewing my logs?

The error is associated with a virtual presence device (House Power Outage Monitor) that I use to monitor for power outages (obviously, lol). Presence is set by periodic polling/pinging a few outlet powered devices using @thebearmay’s excellent Hubitat Ping Device driver and then aggregating the results in a RM rule utilized to set the presence attribute of my House Power Outage Monitor virtual presence device. The presence attribute state is then used to initiate a soft shutdown and to push a notification in some other RM rules as can be seen in the device details page below.

The device details page:

Not sure what the Schedule data “48 0/1***?” means either.

Any ideas? As usual, TIA for any help in resolving this. Many thanks for this great community.

Do you have a link to the driver. Or are you using the built-in Virtual Presence driver?

Looks pretty straight forward (I hope). I expect there is a missing refresh method that is being referenced by a scheduled job defined in the driver, either currently or perhaps one from the past that has not been cleaned up if the code has changed.

This is the frequency for the scheduled job listed in that table. I believe HE are using the Linux / UNIX cron system, or something similar, to schedule jobs like these. That format is what cron takes in as the schedule.

There are various online sites that can help you both come up with these strings and interpret one's you find such as this. I have used Free Online Cron Expression Generator and Describer - because it includes quartz notation, a few additional options from what I understand. Pasting your string in, it says that is configured to run "At second :48, every minute starting at minute :00, of every hour". So it would run at 00:00:48, 00:01:48, 00:02:48.... etc.


I’m guessing that at one time the device was using a different driver that had a method named refresh and that you changed it to one that didn’t have the method. Easiest way to get rid of it is to change the driver to the one labelled Device, click the unschedule all button, and then change the driver back to what you’re using now. Unlike normal, do NOT click configure when changing drivers.


The refresh method is scheduled.

I would try opening the device's edit page and executing "Save Preferences" (if available). the Save Preferences updated method often unschedules jobs and then schedules the new set of jobs. This could eliminate the error. May work (and takes little effort). If not, further investigation.

Final comment: Also, the method may or may not detect house Power Outage. It would also be triggered by your router being out or your Hubitat wifi adapter (if you use one) going out.

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Hi @thebearmay,
Once again you have hit the nail on the head! As always, thank you very much for your help (how did you get so smart, lol?). BTW, great apps. At least a quarter of what I use is yours. Thank you.

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Thanks for the info and the link. I was using the built-in Virtual Presence driver. Was able to get things cleared up via @thebearmay’s procedure. Thanks again. You were very helpful with my Hubigraph aspect ratio problem as well (thanks for devoting so much time to trying to help me getting that sorted out). I still have not been able to get a solution to that one (the Hubigraph dashboard situation). Thank you as always.

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I spend a wee bit of time reading all the answers here and learning from the wisdom of the community. :sunglasses:


Thanks for your insight. I understand this and my primary use is to monitor if my wifi is up. I am awaiting delivery of a Ring2 extender that I will use for power outages but set this up in the meantime as a stopgap measure until my extender arrives and I get a chance to set it up.

@moh - It's actually my fault he's so smart. I've asked him so many dumb questions that he was forced to become an HE genius to protect himself... :wink:

Another great driver tool you should be aware of is the Basic Z-Wave Tool. For (obviously) Z-Wave devices you can temporarily change to this driver and use it to set parameters, and then change back to the normal drive you're using w/a device. More info here: