Help - RM and Inovelli Red Fan/Light LED Notifications

Used the Alexa Virtual Button code by @mikee385 to get a signal from my door to Alexa to HE.

Made the rule as seen above. The notification (red pulsing LED) comes on appropriately when the virtual button is pressed. But I am unable to get the notification to stop.

Separately - instead of the Virtual thing being a button, is there a way to make it a switch? I find "on/off" easier to wrap my head around than button presses.


I had to use ledEffectAll to stop the notification, with values of 255,0,100,60.

Yea, i saw LEDEFFECTALL as the option to select in the instructions, but that doesn’t seem to be an option for me, not sure if I selected something wrong. I can’t get any notification if I select a child device, but on the parent, I can get the notification going despite no “LEDEffectAll” option.

Any ideas?


I use the driver from Innovelli. Tons of options. Much easier to control in rules.


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I also have a Virtual Alexa Switch, if it would help:

Stick a log or some other type of notification after your Wait.

That way you’ll know if the problem is with your Wait or stopNotification.

I realize that's a fan switch (and I only have Blue 2-1s), but are those screenshots from the switch driver, or some other Inovelli tool? I don't see a way to recreate your screenshots from the Blue 2-1 driver, but I could be missing something obvious (wouldn't be first time!)

Since Jonathan's no longer active, I'm going to move away from his app so I'm exploring options... Thank you!

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I use the notifications in several rules on my hubs, I have several RED Switches with the full Bar LED, and a few Fan/Switch combos with the two LEDs -- and I use them for notifications all the time -- I'm at work right now, but when I get home tonight, I'll see if I can post some screenshots of my rules. However my memory says I'm using the Red Fan/Light Inovelli driver as @SmartHomePrimer suggests, and I'm simply using start and stop notification commands.

I don't think I'm using LEDEFFECTALL at all.



Those are screenshots (just a fraction of what's there becuase you scroll, and scroll... :joy:) from the Inovelli driver for the LZW36 (which is the Red series Z-Wave Fan/Light controller the OP has).

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Ah, nice - thanks!

Interesting that the 2-1s don't have similar options like that... Or if they do, I haven't figured out how to surface them. But I'll keep playing around -- I'm still just in the very early stages of this exploration. Thanks again!

My memory was poor...but heres what im doing to use the notifications!

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thanks! love this!

setIndicator is not an option for me...

I checked both the parent and the child devices...

These are some of the options available to me...

I've used the start/stop notification too. I'm at work again, and don't have a handy example, but check these things out:

I'm pretty sure these are the resources I used.


Thanks - tried these already no luck...

I was able to configure the notifications for my garage door contact sensor - however, the start notification is easy, but to get it to stop I used the "wait" until closed, and when closed "start notification" with the code for no LED - but now the light LED is always off instead of the usual faint blue level indicator.

ALSO - when I tried to set the indicator to the child switch it didn't work, so I did the LED indicator to the parent switch and it worked... BUT now the light no longer responds to voice commands (via Alexa) :rage:

Any help is appreciated.

As an example, here are a few of my notification rules that are working well.

I just converted all 13 of my LED Mini-Dashboard notifications to RM this evening, and although it's pretty tedious at first, it went quickly once I got into a groove. Clipboard is your friend! I'm enjoying some of the additional flexibility that RM offers above the Mini Dashboard app, so this move has been a win for me.

To reset/clear a notification, "ledEffectAll/One(# if One, 255,0,100,255)" works great.

This one uses all 7 leds, solid (no animation), green (~85), 5% level


This one uses just middle led (4), solid, blue (~170), 50% level


This one uses the top 3 leds, solid, blue, 50% level


Wish I could help. I checked all my rules, and I only use setIndicator.

I'll try to play around with a Blue 2in1 this weekend, i have a couple stashed away for a rainy day, and see if I can figure the notifications out. I vaguely recall struggling with it before.


I appreciate these....

Few questions:

  1. is Bdrm Foyer the name of the parent or the child device?
  2. Is this a fan/light switch? Red?
  3. Where do you get the (1, 85, 5, 255) numbers? My strings are more like 16070330... (I think this is because you have blue switches and I have red)

Can anyone confirm if this is correct? - I tried changing the device type to the "Inovelli Fan/Light LZW36" device, which gave me more options in the "select custom command" area, but I think this is what broke my Alexa connection, when I turned it back to this (the default setting), now my Alexa can control the light again. Also I have the LZW36 driver installed, do I need a different one? It seems these Red Series Fan/Light Switches are no longer being made by Inovelli


So I think this part of my problem - I think the notification needs to be on the parent device, but when I have it set up this way... the default, the parent device doesn't show up in my list of "switches" to select from.

When I changed the device to the LZW36 Fan+Switch, it showed up with some options (although not "set indicator" nor "AllLED.."), but then it broke the connection to Alexa - We say "good night Alexa" to turn off the lights while in bed which is critical if it doesn't work.