HELP! only zigbee hub is in my echo show 10 & but i have sengled lights

So i had my sengled lights (in my ceiling fan, ik ik they say its nono but its already remoted (stupid but I have thru bond as well 4 fan) linked 2 my echo studio, then i got the show, then the hubitat so I reset [i think they all are blinking, but 1] & when i search 4 zigbee they dont show wtf am i doing wrong?? BTW IMA SUPA NOOB WITH BARE KNOWLEDGE & UNDERSTAND so break it down dumdum style pls :rofl:

Just want to clarify. You have a few zigbee bulbs that you were using with another zigbee coordinator. You have reset the bulbs, and you’re trying to pair them with Hubitat but can’t?

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i have 3 zigbee sengled bubs in my already rf remoted fan & my only zigbee hub is inside my echos & yes I THINK I RESET (they arent in reg lamps they seem 2 b blinking, idk if 5xs ech, only 2 were 4sure the 2 i had colored it seems) & yes on hubitat i find no zigbee devices but i have an online zigbee network according 2 hubitat dets

Making sure each bulb reset is definitely key. The exact steps and what response to expect from the bulb (if it has successfully reset) should be in the user manual.

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well ya it says 2 reset u turn lights on/off 15xs landing on on 4 factory reset, but i have mine in ceiling fan (which they say is nono) but i noticed when i flick switch it takes min 4 light 2 actually come on from the flick, so not sure if its actually working, im wondering if taking ech out & using lamp 2 reset 1 bulb @ time will work, have u hurd of issues like this bc they r in ceiling fan....thinking thats 1st step 2 troubleshoot connection?

Yes, I have used a simple desk lamp to reset zigbee bulbs before. It makes timing the switches on/off easier.

When I had Sengled bulbs, I found them rather difficult to reset. I ended up creating an automation to reset them.

I placed each bulb into one of these:

When I then plugged into a controlled zigbee outlet, and used this automation to reset the bulb. While this is in Node-RED, all it does is to turn the outlet on and off at 100 millisecond intervals with 15 repeats of the on/off cycle. Worked perfectly every time!


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Just want to point out that Sengled also makes Bluetooth mesh bulbs that will work with Alexa (but not Hubitat), so are you 100% certain they are the ZigBee model?


Sengled Alexa Light Bulb, Zigbee Bulb Smart Hub Required, Works with Alexa and SmartThings, Voice Control with Echo Show 10 with built-in Hub, Color Changing 60W Equivalent A19 Smart Light Bulbs, 4PK

Is Amazon's description so I think I got rite 1s?

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Anyway... on topic. Yes if those are the bulbs you have it sounds like they are the correct Zigbee versions that can work on Hubitat. I only have some BT ones I got super cheap and I also agree with others they are not easy to reset. I had to take them out of the fan they were in and put them in a bathroom fixture so I could cut them on and off quickly.

You should be able to pair them up in another fixture if that makes it easier, and then move them to the correct locations afterwards. I only have a few zigbee devices but they have been super easy to pair for me.

Also you said they are in a fan thats connected to a Bond system, does that fan have the ability to dim normal bulbs? If it does, that feature should be disabled if you can, dimming the smart bulbs externally on accident would make them not work correctly, or ruin them.

ok FINALLY got my "regular" fixture & reset them all successfully, i think- bulbs blinked 5xs then went rgb, now to link thru hubitat how do i? my zigbee hub is thru my show 10 or studio, but i think my aqara camera hub g3 also has hub along with samsung tv.
all my other devices on same inside connection:
zigbee powerstrip (? brand but goes thru smartlife)
ceiling fan (lights r the zigbee, fan is b4 smart thru bond)
google hub max
nest cam battery
bond bridge
somfry horizontal blinds (b4 smart thru bond)
handicap door opener (thru Tuya app)
side gate opener (mighty mule)
kitchen lights & fan (b4 smart thru bond)
these r on wifi extender outside:
backyard lights (atomi)
backyard cam (? brand, cloudedge app)

now GETTING ALL THESE IN HUBITAT CONFUSE ME, sum dont register as brand or find app so then what?

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omg I didnt even think bout bathroom duuuuh brain fart, i just ordered cheapy lil desk lamp, i think i just got reset cuz they r rgb now, ya i dont quite understand zigbee except the way it was explained 2 me is without oiwer u still have power

You have a good mishmash... Lets break each one down... A lot of your stuff is wifi and cannot be run locally and will require an integration (if one even exists) for that product.

Can be used for TTS. Install the built in chromecast integration

You need to install the nest API. Read this thread [RELEASE] Google SDM API - Nest integration

This should pair directly to hubitat. (It will need to be factory reset first).

I would use a smart switch with smart bulb capability to control the lights. Use the built in bond integration to control the fan and anything else connected to the bond bridge.

Is this wifi or zigbee? If wifi there is a community built tuya cloud integration available in hubitat package manager.

Likely need someone to build an integration if an API is available. Ir if you could rig a dry contact

No clue

No clue

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